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December 15, 1997

First and foremost on my mind this week is the sudden departure of Roscoe Born (Jim). I can't even tell you how this upsets me! I'm so MAD!!! What is going on over at AMC?? I don't exactly know why Roscoe was replaced, if it was his decision or if it was AMC's. All I know is: effective immediately, Roscoe Born has been replaced. You know what this reminds me of? A little thing that has become known as The Pierce Fiasco. If Roscoe left for his own personal reasons, something we don't know about, perhaps even to be home with his new baby, OK then, I can accept that. I still won't like it, but at least I understand it. But if AMC just up and ditched him and replaced him?? How is that justified? Give me an answer, someone!! I'm trying really hard to make sense of this. Roscoe made Jim real, gave him a mixture of qualities. Jim was hard edged, mean and sleazy, but he was also caring and tender, especially after the crash. He was in the crash, and while he went ahead with his plan to rook Brooke out of her dough, he seemed to me to have a genuine caring about her well being. Maybe I just liked the guy too much and am biased that could be. But Roscoe brought Jim to life for me, and I just hope this new guy can live up to it. I've had difficulty pinpointing that certain something Roscoe has. He's got charisma and sex appeal. He's so bad and so good at it. I thought he was the best thing to happen to AMC for a long, long time and I'm really going to be feeling a loss with his departure.

Well, Gilly still hasn't told Grandmama about the lack of funds they are experiencing. Instead, she figures she can just quickly raise 10 mil, before Eugenia gets suspicious. Sure Gill, when you figure that one out, how about you let me in on your secret? Poor Edmund is going to be the recipient of a lot of attention from Princess Antrashi this week. But we all knew Edmund was smarter than that, now didn't we? I know I never thought for a minute that Edmund would fall for Gillian. She's just not in his league, not to mention that he's old enough to be her father. Not that it matters; case in point... Adam and Liza. But back to Gill, wearing that skimpy little leopard skirt all week. I think I saw a flash of Princess skivvies. Regal white of course. I give her some credit though, she does manage to make me laugh at an otherwise humdrum show. Her fantasy of Edmund asking her to marry him was too funny! I especially loved the part when he was throwing big stacks of money at her. You know, I've had that dream myself, only the man wasn't Edmund, it was Noah... ahhh. Oh, slap me back to reality! And this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK comes from Eugenia while she was talking with Gillian and Gel Boy. Scott had just come by and Gillian was introducing him to Eugenia. When she realized he was related to Adam Chandler she said, "You know it's quite amazing that there are so many, sort of well bred, nice people in this small town." You know what Eug, I've often thought that myself. For a little town outside of Philadelphia, Pine Valley sure has a lot of international businesses, celebrities and royalty hanging around! And let's not forget that anything that happens in Pine Valley is automatically international news.

We've had to endure all too much of this David and Allie stuff lately; at least we found out Allie's deep dark secret... she faked her undergrad grades. What exactly does this mean? She never completed her studies as an undergrad? How exactly does one fake this anyway? I don't see how she could ever have gotten into med school if she didn't complete her studies as an undergrad but I guess this little tidbit is beside the point. She did it, and David knows it. And he plans to use it. I learned this week that Vincent Irizarry (David) has extended his stay on AMC. He had originally signed on for three months and he has extended that for a few more weeks. Hopefully that will be all. I don't have anything against the actor, but this storyline is lame. I'm finding I'm not rooting for anyone in it at all. Allie and David just keep redoing the same scene over and over again. He wants her back, she doesn't want him. How many more times can we hear Allie say, "Go home David!" or "I'm happy here, leave me alone!" And Jake is just the dumb boob in the middle who doesn't even know he's in the middle. Jake was in Allie's room lickety-split, wasn't he? She started to mumble in her sleep and BAM! Here comes Super Jake to calm her down from that horrible nightmare. And shirtless, no less! In one day, we saw both David and Jake shirtless. If that was the criteria for Allie's choice, Jake would have to be the winner, hands down! In fact, I think I'd like to see Jake without a shirt more often. Sorry David, you should keep yours on. Coming soon, David gives Allie an engagement ring. Doesn't this seem like an odd thing to do, given that all Allie does when she's around him is protest and cry? And what kind of man wants to get a wife by blackmail? A man like David, I guess.

Erica is trying to make friends with Victoria's pal Maggie. She has some harebrained idea that Maggie is her ticket out of the clink. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, Ms. Thing, but it's not going to work. First of all, Maggie is a really poor substitute for Erica. Although, what a hoot she was when she came onto Palmer! I was laughing my butt off! Anyway, Maggie is as small, but nowhere near as small as Erica. The whole idea is so stupid, and in my book, a complete waste of time, since we know that Erica has another parole hearing and does indeed get out on Christmas. And why not; her last hearing was on Thanksgiving, so why shouldn't this one be on Christmas? Evidently, the courts in Pine Valley work through holidays. But before that, we have a complete flash of unreality again; Dimitri catching Erica as she tries to escape. What on earth is Dim doing at the prison? So, for even thinking of this plan to trade places with Maggie and completely wasting our time, Erica is this weeks recipient of the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED Award. Soon enough, she'll be reunited with Bianca and realize that her mere presence isn't enough to get the kid to eat. I'm sure Erica will be able to help her more than Jack and Esther have, but this is anorexia we're talking about. You don't just get cured by your mommy coming home. And then we have the to look forward to the next visit from Travis. Personally, I find this a bit odd. Bianca is suffering from a very serious illness, and Travis and Barbara have been MIA. They turned her over to her uncle and then never called or anything. And then it seems that as soon as Travis gets wind of Erica's release, he's on the next plane from Seattle, most likely to collect Bianca and bring her home. So who is Travis more concerned about, Erica or Bianca? He seems to be more consumed with Erica's every move than with his daughter's well being.

This week, Derek and Trevor set Tim up; taking him back to the meat locker to reenact the crime. Tim can't take the pressure anymore, he breaks down and confesses that Janet didn't do it. That's a sneaky trick to play on your own kid, but I guess it had to be done. Unfortunately, I don't think that this is the end of Tim's causing trouble. There has to be a reason for the ghost of Natalie to appear to him. I'm sure that just because he confesses, it doesn't mean that he's ready to accept Janet, so maybe that's why Nat comes down to earth. Tim is going to run away from home when he sees that Janet and Trevor are back together and then that will most likely be the reason Natalie appears to him; to tell him to go home, learn forgiveness and to make peace. Then, this completely wacko and totally unrealistic family can get on with it and live happily ever after. Oh please! Spare me!

The Crystal Ball is coming up and the big shindig will be held on New Year's Eve at Wildwind. At first I thought this was really strange, but then figured; if the people of Pine Valley can name their homes, then why not their parties. All the usuals will be attending, and supposedly, an unlikely couple will find romance. Who on earth could that be? I haven't a clue. But I'll guess that it's Eugenia and Edmund since they are both going stag! Oh of course I'm kidding, but wouldn't that be funny?! "Edmund dear, you've got the breeding and wealth to care for me, so I shall allow you to." "Well thank you my dear Euggie, I would be most happy to care for you and ply you with as much bath salts as you can possibly use." But then again, maybe it's Tad and Eugenia. I think Tad might be going stag as well. And we know old Eug has the hots for Tad already. Oh, the possibilities are endless!