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December 14, 1998

Be still my heart!! After seeing Adrian's little performance for Belinda all I can say is...Ryan who? I'm all a-twitter and not even sure how to talk about this. First I'll say that this definitely gets this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK and Adrian is this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. I was glued to my seat and kept wondering how Belinda was able to keep her hands off him! When Adrian came to her door and said , "Good evening beautiful. How would you like to spend the holidays having a 3 week affair with a spy who is between gigs?" I was yelling YES!!! In a heartbeat!! Adrian was so cool. He came in with champagne and his own cd's. He is the perfect combination of cool, sexy and having a heart. One complaint though, I don't like how he keeps insinuating how he has a woman in every port. That's not the way to win a woman's heart there Adrian. But that aside, I was in need of a cold shower after that scene! I loved how they tied in Adrian's assumed profession to these scenes. You know he was damn good at the old bump and grind, maybe he was a stripper in a past life! And I'm so glad that Belinda is finally getting some romance and a home!! I had to laugh how she said that the last man she was involved with left town and never came back.That would be Miles and I sure don't recall them even getting started on having a relationship before he was shipped off to Japan or whatever. A couple dates, but involved? Hardly. But Adrian and Belinda are a great couple full of chemistry, I just hope that AMC has something in mind for them. I know Adrian is not leaving the show, especially since I believe it'll be at the Crystal Ball that he finds out that Opal is his mother. I'm already anxious to see how Palmer reacts to this news! I wonder if Opal and Palmer will actually get divorced. In interviews, Jill Larson (Opal) has said right out that she hopes they do. I think it will take a heck of a lot of sucking up and making up on Palmer's part for them not to get divorced.

I'm sick and tired of AMC's mistreatment of my best girl Janet. First they go and marry her off to Trevor, big mistake! But fine, I was willing to overlook that if they gave them a storyline. Well no storyline ever came. Instead we have Janet as Pine Valley's answer to Dionne Warwick. She's got the psychic connection. First she was able to tell which jurors were sincere in Brooke's murder trial, now she knows by looking at him, that Ryan's innocent. And if she's not doing that, she's playing with dogs. OK, I'll admit that that little dog that is following the Dillon's around, even to a point of going inside the mall, is adorable, in a mangy kind of way. We all know what is going to happen, Amanda will come around. I have a feeling doggie is going to have to do something heroic to prove himself to Amanda though.

Dr.. Devious's plan was foiled when Adam bought off Ms. Bubble Wrap. She wouldn't say in front of Liza that Adam owned the fertility clinic. But of course David implemented Plan B. Unfortunately Plan B was a little too devious for my liking. David tampered with the results of one of Liza's tests, making it look like there was something wrong with her baby, requiring further testing. This goes beyond being devious. Why can't he just tell her what he suspects, tell her that Adam was the previous owner, and tell her to look into it herself. Nope, too easy. Instead he has to resort to something that has caused her some serious stress and worry. If he cares about her as much as he wants us to think he does, how could he put her through that! I tell you what, I'm going to be plenty ticked off if AMC does to David what they did to Kinder and make him TOO bad and irredeemable. This test tampering to me seems like that is how this is heading. I don't like it, not one little bit. And it's all going to backfire anyway because David has proved nothing and Adam has been at Liza's side through it all, making them get closer and closer.

On to the rape storyline. The storyline that will probably never end, but I'd be happy if it ended tomorrow. I'm sick of Kit always wiggin out. I'm sick of Jack ranting and raving, and always calling Kit, Chrissy. I'm sick of Brooke's unexplainable defense of Kit. I'm sick of Gillian being the dumbest woman on the planet. I'm sick of Ryan's naive idea that knowing he didn't do it means everyone will believe him. I'm sick of flashbacks. And I'm especially sick of Edmund! This week Edmund gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. Tad gets done telling his whole story about how Kit falsely accused him of rape when he was in Napa, complete with flashbacks (which weren't so bad, it's the flashbacks to the rape night that I'm sick of) when Edmund says... "Well Tad, we only have your version of this story." Excuse me Ed?? After hearing Kit's account of the night she was raped, did you say to her... "Well Kit, we haven't' heard Ryan's side yet." No you did not! I will commend him however, for berating Kit for what she did to Tad and for acknowledging how he betrayed his friends for her. Then after stopping her from taking off, he moves in for the kiss. Gee Ed, do you always hit on women who are traumatized by a rape?

Then we have Jack. He's constantly ranting and screaming. He listens to no one but his beloved "Chrissy." I almost puked when he said he could see the truth in her eyes. Yeah Jack, you didn't see the truth in there when she said she was your sister did you? Suddenly the woman who you said was a lying con is the pillar of the community? I'm not saying she's lying. I do believe she was raped, I'm just sick of all this strange behavior. So then Jack feels he must confront Erica for believing Tad's version. I'm not exactly sure why Erica is involved at all, but I don't mind it really. But Erica pours out her soul to Jack about being raped and how lying about being raped is a terrible thing to do. Jack finally sees where Erica is coming from and tries to comfort her, but Erica is having none of that. She has finally gotten over Jack and washes her hands of him. (Goodbye Jack, Hello Dimitri!) After Jack leaves, we have a touching scene of Erica talking to Mona. It was very odd that Mona talked back, but that's besides the point. Mona gives Erica strength, and that is what Erica needs. She talks to Mona about being alone, and how Mona was able to handle it better because she had Erica. This is where I tried to reach into the TV and give Erica a shake. Erica hon, you have a daughter too. Her name is Bianca. I know she is difficult to see sometimes but she does exist.

And now Gillian. How can anyone be this stupid? First she goes to David and tells him that no matter how much he loves her, their affair has to end. David is amused but tries to talk her out of it, that I don't get. OK, he wants to continue having sex with her, but I can't imagine he would want to keep this going especially since Ryan knows about it and Ryan works for Liza. I guess Ryan's been too busy to tell Liza about David and Gilly, but there's really nothing preventing him from doing so. Then in an even more stupid move, Gilly goes to the police to give a voluntary statement in defense of Ryan. She succeeds in telling Derek all about Ryan's upbringing, his temper and his scams. Thank goodness Eugenia was there to stop her! What a dope she is!

At the only place left in town to have dinner, the Valley Inn, Gillian is waiting for Ryan to meet her when Braden approaches her with a flower. That man is so wooden that I think I will call him that from now on. Wooden tries to pick up Gillian, but she is not interested. So I'm wondering what the point of this little scene was. We know that Braden has a tie to someone in Pine Valley, could he be Ryan's brother? Derek did mention that Ryan has siblings this week. After Braden leaves, Gillian notices that Eddie and Kit are yucking it up at a table nearby and decides to go make a scene. After telling Kit that Ryan is innocent, Eddie gets a little pissy with her. Well Gillian gets pissy right back and it's scenes like these that make me love this girl! She really told Edmund off for abandoning Ryan after he lived under his roof, played with his children, helped save Hayley and helped get Junior back! You go girl! Just then Ryan shows up and as Gillian lunges at Kit, Edmund goes to restrain her and Ryan punches Edmund. Luckily Jack is lurking around waiting for Ryan to do something wrong and arrests him on the spot.

Dimitri continues to be the only one I can stand in this storyline and his participation is minimal. But just his week he told Brooke his opinion of Kit and tried to talk sense into Edmund. Dimitri may have done some bad things in his day, but he's very loyal. He's not about to just toss Ryan aside after hearing Kit's side. Smart man. And I loved his sarcastic remarks to Kit too!

Hayley and Adam had a sweet scene this week about having children and finding out you have a child. It was so sweet to hear Adam say to Hayley that it's been a blessing to have her in his life. I know I was. Adam gets this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK. Hayley said, "If I asked you to help me, I would be asking you to make Raquel Dion disappear, and I know you would. And then we'd both be going up river for the rest of our lives for murder one." Adam's reply is the award winning line, "Oh come on, I'm much too deviously subtle for that." I just have to wonder if he was as curious as I was as to why Hayley suddenly looks like Marlo Thomas from That Girl!

This custody thing is way out of hand though. Raquel was totally out of line telling Hayley she only wants Max because she can't have her own children. Hayley seems to have gotten a little bit of her spine back though, because she really put Raquel in her place! Hayley keeps insisting that they don't want to take Max from her, but when Raquel said that she will not let them take her son, Hayley said "Try and stop us!" Huh? Then Trevor was way out of line to request that Mateo get sole custody of Max. Another "huh" moment. Oh why didn't Trevor just let Raquel skip town when she was trying to. It would have been ideal. She would have left and of course Mateo wouldn't be able to ever see Max again, so he'd go off after her. It would have killed two birds with one stone! Oh well, I can dream.