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Danielle Frye


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Danielle Frye

Mother: Mimi Reed
Father: Derek Frye

Occupation: Pine Valley High School Student, Girl Friday at FUSION

Danielle Frye came into the world as her mother's police career came to an end. Mimi Frye turned to Lucas Barnes for a night of passion after Derek could not give her what she wanted. A DNA test proved Danielle was Derek’s and Mimi's child. Mimi and Derek reunited, but their marriage continued to be on the rocks. Mimi, upon discovering of Derek's affair with Taylor Roxbury Cannon, filed for divorce and custody of Danielle. Derek did not want to fight the claim in the interest of his daughter. At the same time, Derek was not sure if Danielle was his, or Lucas Barnes’ child. He accused Mimi of lying about the child’s paternity but a test proved otherwise. All their arguing lead a grief stricken Grace Keefer to kidnap Danielle. She had just lost her son and was willing to raise Danielle in the home of love she did not think Derek and Mimi could supply. Though they got their child back, Grace's words could not seem to be truer.

Mimi left Pine Valley and took Danielle with her. Derek barely saw his daughter grow up.

Danielle grew into a mischievous teen. She ran away from home, and back into Pine Valley without either of her parent’s knowledge. She would first make contact with Reggie Montgomery who was sympathetic towards the runaway. He helped her in getting settled all the while not knowing who she truly was. Danielle got him in much trouble by allowing her to stay at his sister, Greenlee du Pres’, apartment, and by getting stuck with her in a record store. Livia Frye came by Jackson Montgomery’s apartment, only to see her niece. Reggie pushed Danielle away for lying to him about her parentage.

Danielle pursued a relationship with Reggie and was thrown into the whirlwind of the summer season. She had to play mediator between Reggie and her father when he and Jamie Martin were trying to reveal JR Chandler's ploys. She also worked to become FUSION new spokeswoman. Her life in Pine Valley became a permanent arrangement when Mimi dropped off all her things at Derek's apartment. Danielle could not be happier as she was in love with Reggie, and happy with her new friends.

Danielle's pursuit in being popular put Lily Mongtomery, Reggie's autistic sister, in the teen danger zone. A group of girls were content to embarrass Lily by exploiting her fragile social skills. Danielle confronted the girls, realizing that being popular was not all that life was about.

Reggie and Danielle were only growing closer. They began to talk about intimacy, both admitting they were virgins. Danielle was not ready to take the next step with Reggie. Though he respected that, it put a strain on their relationship.

Dani’s life spiraled out of control when Mimi came back to Pine Valley to reclaim her. She promised everything would be different now that she was happily engaged to Garrett Williams. Dani still wanted nothing to do with her mother. One night, she overheard Livia and Mimi fighting. Livia reminded Mimi of her infidelity to Derek that lead to Dani’s conception. Dani had never heard the truth before. She questioned if anyone truly loved her. She ran off to the beach where she found a college party. Dani danced and drank the night away flirting with a much older man, Josh Madden. In a beach cabin that night, Dani lost her virginity to Josh.

Later that night, Garrett found her with Josh. Garrett promised Dani he would never tell Mimi what he saw. Dani trusted Garrett. His promise helped her to give Mimi a chance again. She stayed with her mother at Greenlee’s loft while Mimi planned her Pine Valley Wedding. But, Garrett’s true colors began to show. He was making inappropriate advances towards her. Garrett extorted her with his promise of silence. Psychologically she knew what was going on was wrong, but she was too afraid to tell her mother the truth.

On Mimi and Garrett’s wedding day, Dani knew she could not let her mother go through with the nuptials. She revealed the truth about the summer night to her family. Mimi accused her of lying, and Reggie was heartbroken by her betrayal. When Garrett was revealed as the crime-lord The Dragon, Mimi finally saw the situation clearly. Knowing she had ruined her relationship with Dani again, she decided to leave town without her. But for Dani, the biggest loss would loosing Reggie.

Dani began working fulltime at FUSION. The whole company saw a restructuring when Greenlee duPres left giving her shares to Babe Carey.

Portrayed by:

Unknown Actress (1994-1995)
Tanisha Lynne (2004-present) 

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