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Colby Chandler


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Colby Marian Chandler

Mother: Liza Colby
Father: Adam Chandler
Antoinette (Skye) Patterson Chandler Quartermaine - half sister
Hayley Vaughn Chandler Santos - half sister
JR Chandler - half brother
Anna Claire Chandler - half sister (deceased)

Occupation: Student

Colby came into the world with too many people to love. Mother Liza was alone and wanted a child, so she turned to newly befriended Jake Martin. Jake donated his sperm and Liza was artificially inseminated. Little did Liza know, Adam hired Allie Doyle to switch the sperm with his own and Adam in turn impregnated Liza. Liza and Adam fell in love and where married. Colby was soon born and named after her Grandmother, Marian Colby Chandler.

Jake sued for custody of Colby. During the custody battle, Allie and Adam's deception came out. Jake gave up and Colby was free to be with her real family. Liza looked beyond his deception and they wed uniting Colby with her father and grandparents/ uncle and aunts Marian and Stuart Chandler. Her family would grow larger with the addition of Aunt Mia Saunders, Liza's sister. Mia and Colby bonded much to the distaste of mother, Liza. After Liza had pushed Mia out a window, Colby reunited the sisters in a magical Christmas Moment.

Adam and Liza had another falling out. They divorced and Liza and Colby moved in with Mia. Adam continued to threaten Liza's custody over Colby. In a bold move, she fled Pine Valley with Colby to keep her away from Adam's terror.

Babe Chandler and Jamie Martin were on the run with Adam Chandler III. Little did they now they would encounter Liza and Colby in New Orleans. Tad tried to warn the runaways that Adam was hot on their trial. Though Colby and Liza were able to get away, Babe and Jamie were not so lucky.

Portrayed by:

Brianne and Morgan Mullen (2000) 
Kathryn Newton (Sept. 4, 2001- Sept. 28, 2004; 2005-present)

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