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The PVB Asks 20 Questions!!


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From time to time, the PVB will ask a star or former star of AMC 20 questions! The questions are all the same for each cast member. Today's guest is Cameron Mathison, the hunky Ryan Lavery!! (PVB questions in black, Cameron's answers are in purple)




1) Who is your favorite actor?

Johnny Depp, Fred Willard, Sam Rockwell


2) Who is your favorite actress?

Parker Posey


3) What is your favorite movie?

"Best in Show"


4) What is your favorite TV Show?

"Sports Center"


5) Who is your favorite singer or musical group?

Led Zepplin


6) What is your favorite song?

Any Zepplin :) (But I like all kinds of music!)


7) What is your favorite book?

"The Alchemist"


8) What is your favorite food?

Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing...etc)


9) Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

A cat, living with my parents... name is Floyd


10) What make was your first car?

Mazda 626


11) What cause do you believe in most?

Anything to help disabled children


12) What is your favorite vacation spot?

Vail, Colorado


13) If you weren't an actor, what would you be doing?

Ski instructor - winter. Golf pro - summer.


14) Who do you hang out with most on the set?

Alicia Minshew (Kendall), Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Eden Riegel (Bianca) and Liz Hendrickson (Maggie).


15) What is your all time favorite storyline (yours or other)?

The very early Ryan/Gillian. Both married each other thinking the other was rich.


16) Who would you like to see return to AMC?

Jack Scalia


17) Who is the biggest cut up on the set?

Kelly Ripa and Walt Willey


18) What is your favorite scene that you were ever in?

"Let's get naked!!!" boat party scene


19) If you could play anyone else on AMC, who would it be and why?

Stuart... great character.


20) What is your most memorable fan encounter?

During a signing in a mall, a fan brought his pet horse to meet me in the parking lot (TRUE!!!)


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