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Brooke English


written by Debra

Born: Brooke Allison English in approx 1959

Mother: Jane Dobrin
Father: Ed English
Step Mother: Peg English
Aunt: Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford

No Siblings

Lincoln Tyler
Anne Tyler
Charles 'Chuck' Tyler III (actually her deceased cousin Charles II's son)

Tom Cudahy 1981-1984
Adam Chandler 1987-1990
Tad Martin: 1992
Edmund Grey: 2002 (for just a few days)

Laura Cudahy, With Tom Cudahy b. 1984 d. 1989
James Edward Martin (Jamie), with Tad Martin, b. 1991,
Laura Kirk, adopted teenager in 1998


1976: Fun loving teenager Brooke English is sent to Pine Valley to live with her Aunt Phoebe Tyler who was unaware that Brooke had just been thrown out of boarding school. Believing her niece to be a refined young lady, Aunt Phoebe introduces her to the sweet and very clean cut Dan Kennicott, younger brother of Mary Kennicott who is married to Jeff Martin. Dan becomes interested in Brooke while Brooke takes delight in leading Dan on. Arriving soon after is Brooke's motorcycle riding boyfriend, the wild Benny Sago. Brooke enjoys the attention both guys are giving her and plays one against the other. But Brooke finally sets her sites on the virginal Dan, hoping to 'educate' him. Meanwhile Benny had made friends with Donna Beck, a girl Brooke's cousin Chuck was seeing. Having successfully 'conquering' Dan, her interest in him wanes.

New resident, former football star, Tom Cudahy opens a sports themed restaurant, The Goal Post. Brooke was interested in both the handsome owner and in obtaining the job as hostess at the restaurant. Unfortunately, Erica Kane was also interested. Brooke was no match for the devious Erica and Erica won both positions - the job as hostess and the man, eventually marrying him.

In 1977, having lost Tom to Erica and with Benny having found love with Donna's friend, Estelle La Tour, Brooke looked back to Dan Kennicott who was now dating his neighbor, Devon Shepherd. Brooke was determined to take him away from her. Meanwhile in the Tyler mansion, an unfortunate fall down the stairs left Aunt Phoebe paralyzed, or so she said, and she became wheelchair bound. Phoebe was using this deception to gain sympathy and attention from her husband and children who she felt were ignoring her.

It was now1978 and Phoebe continued to use her paralysis to her advantage. One day as Phoebe returns home early and was wheeling about the mansion she happened upon the poolhouse where she found Brooke and Dan in a compromising position, having just come in from a day of skinny dipping in the pool. Horrified, Phoebe orders Brooke to pack her things as she is being sent back home to her parents. But Brooke doesn't want to leave. Before Brooke has a chance to pack, she spies her aunt WALKING around the mansion. So with this knowledge, she blackmails her aunt into letting her stay indefinitely.

When Erica and Toms marriage started to break up, Tom asked Brooke to take over the job as head hostess at his restaurant. At the same time, Brooke met and started seeing Erica's half brother, Mark Dalton who was briefly involved with Devon's mother, Ellen Shepherd. Mark was a music professor at PVU. Unsatisfied that the only thing he had with Brooke was of a sexual nature and not really love, he eventually broke away from her and went back to Ellen with whom he was still in love. In another part of town, poor Dan is packing as he leaves Pine Valley for good, sporting a broken heart.

Eddie Dorrance, resident creep and manager to Kelly Cole, her cousin Linc's wife, had befriended Brooke and feeling hurt over losing Mark she began a wild relationship with him. He had just become the new manager of The Chateau, having stole the position from Claudette Montgomery. Eddie was a shady character. He had been feeding pills to Kelly to keep control over her. His obsession with Brooke became too much for Brooke to bear and she wanted to stop seeing him. But, Eddie sensed this so one night when she rejected him once again, he raped Brooke. Being hated by nearly everyone in town, it was hard to know who did the deed when Eddie's dead body was found. Turned out he was murdered by none other than the woman whose life he had so recently ruined, Claudette Montgomery. Brooke soon learned that she was pregnant with Eddie's child. She fought with the choice she had to make, then, without anyone knowing, she went ahead and had an abortion. This whole experience changed Brooke. She now wanted to take a more serious approach to life, gone were the frivolous days of youth.

1980, Erica left town for Hollywood. Tom and Brooke started getting closer. When it looked like all was well between them, Erica returned home when her career went nowhere on the west coast. When she saw that Tom had taken up with Brooke, she became jealous and set her sites on getting him back, which she did eventually, promising to change her ways. But then Erica met Brandon Kingsley and started lying to Tom. Tom had had it with Erica and got their marriage annulled. He went back to Brooke who was just as happy to take him back. In 1981 Tom and Brooke finally married - with her in her pajamas - when Tom and a priest surprised her in the middle of the night.

Brooke's mother, Peg English, showed up in town and Brooke thought that it was a perfect time to get reacquainted. She was happy to have her there. But later she found out the truth about Peg. Not only was she not her real mother, but she turned out to be the infamous 'Cobra' - the leader of an international drug cartel. After trying to kill both Brooke and Tom, Peg was caught and carted off to jail.

1983, Brooke starts work as a cub reporter for the Pine Valley Bulletin. When Erica accidently shoots and kills her newest boyfriend, Lars Bogard, Brooke finds her running from the law and in exchange for letting her escape, Brooke gets an exclusive interview from Erica. This story boosts Brooke's career as a journalist.

In 1984 Brooke butts heads with Adam Chandler. When he wants to build a gambling mall, Brooke fights to get a referendum passed that outlaws gambling in Pine Valley. Meanwhile, Tom's old college roommate, Gil Barrett, comes to visit and moves in with Brooke and Tom. Gil becomes obsessed with Brooke and begins to stalk her. Brooke tells Tom that Gil makes her uncomfortable and that he should find somewhere else to live. Gil knows Brooke has complained and decides to move out on his own, seemingly being the good guy. But when he finds Brooke alone in the house one day, he sneaks in and attempts to rape her. When she tells Tom, he doesn't believe her, instead he defends his old buddy Gil. This causes real trouble in their marriage and Brooke considers leaving Tom.

Then, Brooke learns that she is pregnant so she decides to give the marriage another chance. But when she found out that Tom had recently slept with Erica on the eve of Erica's marriage to Adam Chandler, she left him. Tom was angry and tried to cause trouble for Brooke claiming that she was an unfit mother, even before the child was born. So in steps Mark Dalton, who was now single again, and stood up for Brooke during this difficult time. He stayed close to her and it was Mark who was with her the night Brooke gave birth to her daughter Laura.

1985. Wanting to get back into the workforce, Brooke accepted a job as news anchorwoman at WRCW. While working on a story, she exposed a major municipal scandal. She pled the 5th and was subsequently sent to Sing Sing Penitentiary for not revealing her source (who happened to be good friend Mark Dalton). After a short while, her lawyer finally got her released from prison. But in retaliation, a hired assassin took shots at Brooke and Mark but Erica's newest boyfriend, Mike Roy jumped in the way taking the full brunt of the bullets, dying in Erica's arms for his effort.

Brooke and Mark decided to get married. But it wasn't to be. Mark couldn't cope with the busy Brooke who was caught up in both her career and her daughter Laura leaving little to no time for Mark. And they broke up. But Brooke wasn't to be alone for long. A very suave daredevil, a frenchman by the name of Giles St. Clair soon entered Brooke's life. They immediately hit it off. Giles was a partier so Brooke began to take pills in order to keep up with him. But when she realized that she was neglecting Laura, she gave up on Giles, now wanting to make Laura her number one priority.

It was 1986 when Brooke was doing some research for a story that she happened to come upon a homeless woman by the name of Jane Dobrin. Curious as to why this woman was in possession of an English Family heirloom, Brooke investigated some more only to learn that Jane was her own mother! While taking time getting to know her mother, Aunt Phoebe became jealous as she now thought of Brooke as her own daughter. Brooke reassured her aunt that she held a special place in her heart that could never be replaced. Brooke helped Jane to get her life in order. Soon, Jane met a kind man and got married and they moved away to Chicago.

This year also saw occasion for Brooke and Erica to be aboard the same private jet. The jet gets hijacked and the ladies are taken hostage which forces rivals Brooke and Erica to temporarily bond. Coming to their rescue was Jeremy Hunter and Matt Connolly. This led to Erica's involvement with Jeremy, which upset Adam who was still mooning over ex-wife Erica. Just to make Erica mad, Adam offered to make Brooke editor-in-chief of his magazine, Tempo - a position Erica held. But the magazine headquarters were located in NYC and Brooke didn't want to move. So when Adam offered to move shop to Pine Valley, Brooke more than gladly accepted the job.

1987 saw a quick involvement with Dr. Jeff Martin when he, Erica, Ellen and Brooke came together for a successful intervention for Mark Dalton when it was found out that he was addicted to cocaine.

Working closely with Adam Chandler, Brooke and Adam soon grew fond of one another. Brooke kept resisting Adams advances but the more Brooke resisted, the more Adam became charmed by her. He thought she was the perfect woman for him, strong and determined, and he would not give up on her. After many kind and thoughtful encounters, Brooke finally gave in and admitted that she was in love with him too. While attending the marriage of Adam's daughter Skye to Brooke's ex-husband Tom, Adam asked Brooke to marry him. She stalled for awhile then on the dance floor at the reception, Brooke whispered her answer to him. She said 'yes'. Adam was ecstatic and right then and there, to Skye's dismay, stealing her limelight, he announced their engagement. Even though Brooke kept stalling the wedding plans, she was glad to be with Adam. Adam continued to be unsure of Brooke's true feelings for him. Then when he purposly overheard Brooke explaining how they were going to be a family with Adam, he knew Brooke did love him. Adam was wonderful with little Laura too. So, finally, on November 20, 1987, they married.

Brooke temporarily quit Tempo and went to work for Travis Montgomery at his magazine, Trend. In the wake of uncertainty surrounding Stuart and Cindy's relationship, Brooke and Adam decided to have a baby. But when she continually failed to conceive, she went to the doctor who told her that she suffered from premature ovarian failure. Adam wanted to go the way of a surrogate but Brooke wouldn't hear of it.

Palmer Cortlandt's niece, Dixie Cooney took a job at the Chandler Mansion as nanny to Laura. She seemed to fit right in and made herself a part of their family. When she overheard the discussion of getting a surrogate, she went to Adam and offered to pose as Brooke to sign the necessary papers. But tragedy was waiting around the corner. Little Laura was staying with her father Tom Cudahy and his new wife Barbara Montgomery (ex-wife of Travis Montgomery). Barbara was busy on the phone when five year old Laura asked if she could go outside to play. But Barbara wasn't paying total attention to Laura and Laura went outside anyway. While still on the phone, Barbara heard a car screeching out in front of the house and looked around for Laura. When she realized Laura wasn't in the house she dopped the phone and ran outside only to see that little Laura had been hit by a car and was laying motionless in the street. It was a hit and run. It turned out that she had been hit by a drunk, off duty police officer. Barbara called Tom who met her at the hospital. Then it was Tom's sad job to tell Brooke that their daughter was brain dead. Brooke broke down at this unbelievable news. Not only could she not have anymore children but she is faced with having to pull the plug on her only child who would never regain consciousness. With Adam by her side, Brooke and Tom decide to go ahead and let Laura go but also, to make her short life even more meaningful, they make the decision to donate her organs.

1989 - The pretty southern belle, Dixie, no longer needed as a nanny is kept on as a helping hand at the Chandler Mansion. Adam is incredibly nice to her and she finds herself falling for the rich and powerful business tycoon. When Brooke and Adam have a huge fight after Brooke finds the forged surrogate papers, Brooke shuts Adam out. Dixie immediately lets Adam know that she is interested in him. Adam follows her to the boathouse and they make love. Sure enough, Dixie becomes pregnant. When she told Adam, Adam had no intention of leaving Brooke for Dixie but led her on anyway. He proposed a plan to adopt the baby after it was born. When Dixie started showing, Adam proposed the adoption to Brooke who believed that Dixie had a deadbeat boyfriend who got her pregnant and left her. But when Dixie's family got involved, she decided she wanted to keep her baby. This made Adam mad and caused Brooke to be concerned. She hired Tad to investigate and when he found out the truth, in order to protect Dixie, he decided to say that he himself was the baby's father. This made Adam even more angry. It was his child and he wanted it. Brooke became more concerned with Adam's behavior and began her own investigation and came to the revelation that it was Adam who was the actual father of Dixie's child. Brooke felt total betrayal and left Adam. Brooke went to lawyer Jackson Mongomery and with his help she divorced Adam and got half his fortune, then used the money to open a homeless shelter. Adam ended up marrying Dixie but it didn't last.

Adam and Brooke made amends. While in negotiations to aquire a communications network stationed in England, Adam had plans to take Adam Jr. with him. Tad and Dixie showed up and pleaded for Adam to give Dixie her son back. Brooke showed up with the baby in her arms and also asked Adam to let Dixie have her child. Adam gave in, allowing Brooke to put Adam Jr. in Dixie's arms. After they left, Brooke consoled an extremely sad and depressed Adam as he sat in his sons unoccupied nursery. Adam once again asked Brooke to marry him. But things began to crumble for Adam when he found out that he had been swindled in the communications deal by Palmer Cortlandt, and that he was as good as broke now. So he rescinded his mariage proposal. Brooke wouldn't hear of it and said she was marrying him, not his money. But when she found out how Adam gaslighted Dixie, and almost drove her crazy, she called off the engagement.

1990 found Brooke working on a story on a constuction company who was building a home for children with disabilities. When she suspected something was wrong, she enlisted the help of Tad Martin, private investagator, who was now married to Dixie. When they realized that substandard materials were being used, they plotted to take the construction company down. When the owner of the construction company, Morgan Rutherford realized he was being taken down, he kidnapped Tad and Brooke and forced them to drink until they were good and drunk then put them in a car and sent them down a mountain road. Tad managed to get them both out of the car just before it went over a cliff. Dixie, misunderstanding Tad and Brooke's involvement for a real relationship set divorce papers in motion. Later, Brooke found a depressed Tad sitting in the park and a consoling kiss turned more passionate when she ended up at his place and in his bed. They continued the affair for awhile while each were suffering the losses of their relationships to Dixie and Adam. But eventually they decided to not let their passion ruin what they had in an even better friendship. So ended their romance.

Tad went back to Dixie. On the day they were to remarry, Tad got into a fight, fell off a bridge into the wild rapids and when his body was not found, he was presumed dead. Shortly after this devastating event, Brooke found out she was pregnant! She was not supposed to be able to get pregnant so this was exciting news for her. When Adam found out, he wanted to marry Brooke and be a father to her baby but he was already married to Natalie Hunter. Adam kept pursuing Brooke after agreeing to divorce Natalie but Brooke didn't want to go back to him. With Tom's marriage to Barbara Montgomery on the rocks, he and Brooke cooked up a scheme to proclaim Tom as the father of her baby.

Brooke eventually told Dixie the good news as Dixie already knew about Brooke and Tad's involvement. They bonded over the pregnancy, as it was all that was left of Tad. In the meantime, Brooke became friendly with Jackson Montgomery, who had been seeing Erica and became frustrated with their relationship. While driving down a country road, a very pregnant Brooke and Jackson were hit by a very drunk Arlene Vaughn. The collision almost made Brooke lose the baby but it was saved. When James Edward Martin (Jamie) was born in 1991, Brooke asked Dixie to be his godmother. Brooke actively began to date Jackson who was glad to become a father to baby Jamie but Jackson found that he was still in love with Erica so he and Brooke stopped seeing each other.

After the murder of Will Cortlandt, famous journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Edmund Grey, having grown up as a child of servants at Wildwind, returned to Pine Valley in pursuit of a story. He ended up staying, taking a job writing for Tempo where he worked closely with Brooke. They began dating.

In 1991, wealthy vineyard owner Ted Orsini came to NYC having business with PV resident Dimitri Marick. Brooke discovered that the man known as Ted was really the presumed dead Tad Martin who had only suffered amnesia in the fall from the bridge a year ago! She helped him to regain his memory. Brooke went to Dixie who was now married to Brian Bodine with the news of Tad's return. When Tad finally regained his memory Brooke told him about his son. Brooke was still planning to marry Edmund but Tad wanted to make a real family for Jamie and proposed to Brooke, even though he still had strong feelings for Dixie. Brooke now had to decide between Tad and Edmund but she thought it would be better for Jamie if she went with Tad. So in 1992 she married Tad.

They set up house in Tad's newly acquired mansion and were happy for a while. Meanwhile, Edmund began seeing resident doctor Maria Santos while still carrying a torch for Brooke and when he found out that Tad and Dixie were secretly seeing each other he told her. Brooke decided to stay with Tad anyway. In 1993 she even became pregnant for the second time with Tad. But it turned out to be a tubular pregnancy, one in which she must abort or it could kill her. Not wanting to face the truth, she believed she could carry the baby full term. Feeling like she was being forced into the abortion by family, friends and doctors, Brooke ran away. When the pregnancy started to cause her some real health problems, she called the one man she trusted, Edmund Grey. He rushed to her side and convinced her to return to Pine Valley to have the operation.This resulted in the end of her marriage to Tad, who was all ready to get remarried to Dixie anyway. With the mix of families, Dixie's son with Adam, Junior, and Tad and Brooke's son Jamie were being brought up as brothers.

Brooke, always a caring person, had always had a hand in helping the less fortunate. With the recent event involving a battered wife, she volunteered her time and effort to opening a shelter for the homeless and abused, which became known as The Brooke English House. In 1995 she came across a young homeless girl in the park. The girl was going through the trash looking for food. Brooke tried to help her but the girl didn't want any help. Brooke persisted and learned that the girl, who would be about the same age as her own daughter who had been so tragically killed, was also named Laura! Laura Kirk had come to Pine Valley after finding a postcard from a friend of her mothers who had sent it to one Myrtle Fargate. At a Woman of the Year event where Brooke was being honored, the homeless girl walked in and blasted Brooke for not doing enough. The girls words got Brooke thinking that she could do more so she took a leave of absence from Tempo to work full time on improving the homeless shelter.

In 1996 Laura Kirk and Janet Green, who had befriended one another when they were both in hiding, ended up living secretly with Pierce Riley in his cabin in the woods. They had become a family of misfits. One day Aunt Phoebe took Brooke with her to meet a friend of hers, an artist and a recluse who was living in the woods. It turned out to be Pierce. Brooke struck up a friendship with him and persuaded him to re-enter society. Janet had grown to love Pierce and was hoping to adopt Laura and set up a life with him. But Pierce fell in love with Brooke. Not only did Brooke take 'her' man, but now she had plans to adopt Laura herself. At first she wanted to get even with Brooke, because Janet was just slightly crazy, but when she realized all that Brooke could do for Laura, she ended her plot of revenge.

1997, Pierce and Laura moved into Brooke's house. Pierce and Brooke were busy with plans to marry. One day, with everything going seemingly well in Brooke's life, Pierce's presumed dead wife, Christina, showed up on Brooke's doorstep. She needed Pierce to come back to Central America with her to search for their daughter Amelia, who was last seen in the clutches of guerilla terrorists. Pierce had blocked out their existence when he, as a soldier serving in Central America many many years ago, having married and had a child when the family had been captured, taken hostage, and he had been forced to choose between the life of his wife and daughter. He assumed they had both been killed, wiped it from his memory and gone to live the life of a hermit in the woods above Pine Valley. Brooke understood that he was needed elsewhere and bid him a farewell, never to hear from him again. Brooke finally adopted Laura on her own.

Getting back to business, Brooke and Edmund, still good friends, were working on a story together. Edmund took Maria and their new baby girl Maddie to NYC with him and Brooke. On the flight home, TransGlobal Flight 149 crashed into the ocean cliffs above Pine Valley. Maria, who had been sitting with her husband switched seats with Brooke so they could finish up some business. Brooke and another passenger, Jim Thomasson were the only ones who made their way clear of the plane. They were able to pull an unconscious Edmund from the wreckage. Next, Brooke went to get Maria, who was holding baby Maddie. But Maria was pinned between the seats and couldn't pull herself free, neither could Brooke or Jim pull her free. The plane was slowly starting to slip down the cliff. After one big jerk that signaled that the plane was about to fall to the beach below, Maria pleaded with Brooke to take Maddie and let her go. Brooke finally gave up hope of saving Maria, and while holding tightly to the baby Maddie, she tearfully watched as the plane fell taking Maria with it.

Jim Thomasson, a photographer, made himself at home in Pine Valley. He made friends with Brooke and began to pursue her on a more personal level. 1998, Adam was having troubles of his own and offered to turn Tempo Magazine over to Brooke. She wanted to run it as a partnership between herself, Edmund and her fiance Jim, already having let him take over the photography department. As they started to grow close, the mystery of why Laura didn't want to be around him finally came out. Years before when Laura and her mother were poor and living in NYC, her mother had become sick and Laura had done what she could to get money to help her mom. That included posing naked for a sleezy photographer who was none other than Jim Thomasson. When Brooke found this out, she saw red. She also learned that he had a hand in the crash of flight 149 that killed Maria and many others. All along, in an attempt to hide his past, Jim had tried to kill several people in town including Dimitri, Edmund, Hayley and Mateo. Brooke planned to set him up to get him to face what he'd done to Laura. She lured him to Stuart's art gallery where there was to be a special showing. When Jim entered the showroom, he found the countless, enlarged photos he had taken of Laura so many years ago. Jim admitted it was him who took them and laughed at Brooke, telling her she couldn't do a thing about it and if she tried, he would go after Jamie. That did it. Brooke snapped and pulled out the gun she had brought with her and filled his body with lead. Jim died and Brooke was eventually acquitted when Tad produced documents, albeit falsified, to the court in order to clear her. Brooke had previously sent Laura to China with business friends to keep her away from all that was going on.

Getting back to work at the shelter, Brooke welcomed new arrival and volunteer ,the minister Eliot Freeman. He and Brooke began working closely. Brooke was starting to like the kindly minister but he seemed to want to keep a slight distance. Brooke noticed that he seemed troubled and wanted to help him. What she was soon to find out was that he was really an ex-policeman by the name of Josh Waleski - the very same off duty drunken policeman that hit and killed her little girl Laura so many years ago. It was Eliot's main reason to come back to Pine Valley after serving time for manslaughter to try to make amends with Brooke for what he had done. He hadn't expected to fall in love with her too. Brooke accepted his heartfelt apology, for lying when he came to town and for what he had done so many years ago, but she couldn't be with him any longer and he realized he must leave town.

With Maria dead and Eliot gone, Edmund and Brooke start to find their way back together once again. Edmund's children, Sammy and Maddie, and Jamie and Aunt Phoebe plotted to get Edmund and Brooke to the alter once and for all. In 2000 Laura returned from China seemingly none the worse for all she's been through. When it is found out that Laura had contracted a virus that is causing her heart to fail, Brooke is frantic in her search to find a heart donor for her daughter, even going so far as to try to pay a couple who had just lost their child for her heart. When it looks like none will be available, Brooke talks Leo duPres into marrying Laura because Laura has a huge crush on him. Brooke tells him that it is to fulfill Laura's dying wish to be married to a man she loves. Leo, already a friend of Laura's, obliges and devotes all his time to granting her every wish. But when close friend, and perfect donor match Gillian Lavery is mistakenly shot and dies, her heart is given to Laura. With Laura on the mend with a full recovery forecast, Brooke realizes that Leo is not really in love with Laura and that he was only trying to be kind to a dying friend. What he wants is to go back to his real love, Greenlee Smythe. Brooke talks Laura into letting him go and Laura eventually leaves town to get herself together.

In 2002 Brooke became suspicious of a woman named Maureen Gorman when she saw a picture the woman drew that looked a lot like the entrance gates to Wildwind. She did not want to upset Edmund with her suspicions but she was interested in learning more about this woman, so she took Tad and traveled to Nevada to meet up with Maureen. When Brooke saw Maureen in the hospital where she was working, she thought she did indeed see Maria, she looked just like her. The shock was too much for Brooke and she fainted. When she told Tad, Tad went to see her too. But Maureen was in hiding, believing that she was wanted by the police so when Tad met up with her, Maureen had paid a friend that looked similiar to her to say that she was Maureen. Tad went back to Brooke and told her that the woman was not Maria, she had been mistaken. Brooke later met the same woman that Tad had met but she knew that that wasn't the same woman she first spied when 'Maureen' was pointed out to her by one of the hospital employees. All the clues Brooke gathered implied that Maria was still alive but she couldn't convince anybody to believe her. So finally thinking that perhaps she was wrong, she set it aside and went on with her plans to marry Edmund.

But Maureen grew curious as to why these people in Pine Valley were so interested in her and decided to go there and check them out. Turns out that she had been in contact with David Hayward, a prominant cardiologist in Pine Valley, all along and thought there might be a connection. On the eve of Edmund and Brooke's wedding Maureen made an appearance at Wildwind. She was spotted by Maddie who recognized her immediately as her 'Angel Mommy'. She told her daddy, Edmund, that Maria was there. Edmund told Maddie that 'Angel Mommy' was always there, in their hearts. But Brooke believed that maybe Maddie was really telling them that Maria had in fact returned to Pine Valley. Right after they said their vows, Maureen enters the chapel and disrupts the end of the wedding. Brooke had tried to tell everyone that she believed that Maria was alive but Edmund only saw it as Brooke trying to hide the truth from him. Brooke felt awful. They got their marriage annulled and Edmund began to pursue Maureen who did indeed turn out to be Maria with amnesia. With Tad and especially Adam's help, she got over her self loathing. She and Adam had a brief affair which ended when a drunken Jamie blurted out at a party held at Adam and Liza's mansion that Adam and his mom were sleeping together.


Portrayed by:

Julia Barr (1976 to 1981, 1982 to Present) 
Elissa Leeds (1976) 
Harriet Hall (1981)


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