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Bobby Warner


Written by DandTMartin4ever


Born:  Robert Thorne Warner

Nickname:  Bobby (since birth); Roberto (upon his return in 2004)

Mother:  Sybil Thorne (deceased)

Father:  Dr. Clifford "Cliff" Warner
Adoptive Mother:  Nina Cortlandt Warner

Siblings: Michael"Mickey" Warner - half brother Marriages: Kelsey Jefferson (1996 - divorced) Anita Santos (1996) Children: Samuel Carlos Grey (w/Kelsey - adopted by Edmund and Maria) Occupation: Casino Host, Las Vegas

Bobby is the out of wedlock son of malicious nurse Sybil Thorne, and good doctor Cliff Warner. Sybil was murdered, and Nina Cortlandt Warner adopted young Bobby. Nina and Cliff had many ups and downs in their relationship, even at one point having Nina take Bobby out of town and away from Cliff. Nina and Cliff found their way back to each other, and made a new start in Chicago.

Nina came back to Pine Valley to convince her father, Palmer, that he should whip rebellious Bobby back into shape. Palmer and Opal took Bobby in and attempted to resolve his bad behavior by keeping him on a short leash in Pine Valley. But, Bobby continued to act up. Much to Palmer’s chagrin, Bobby was looking less and less as a viable heir.

Bobby fell fast for Anita Santos, but she did not see him the same way. She was proper and well groomed; Bobby was a little rough around the edges. Bobby's past caught up with him as he courted Anita. Kelsey Jefferson, his ex-girlfriends, befriended Anita and told her she was pregnant with Bobby's child.

With the revelation of Kelsey’s pregnancy, Bobby did the one honorable thing he could think of, and decided to marry her, ending all chances of being happy with Anita. Before the baby was born, Kelsey got cold feet. Anita suggested that they give the unborn child to her siblings, Maria and Edmund Grey, who wanted to adopt. Bobby agreed, and allowed Kelsey to move into Wildwind before the child’s birth. The baby was born Samuel Carlos Grey. All the while, Anita and Bobby had found their way back to each other. They continued a secret romance behind Kelsey’s back. However, they were caught at Julia and Noah Keefer’s wedding, prompting Kelsey to take the baby away from the Greys to hold on to Bobby. Anita felt ashamed and pushed Bobby away.

Bobby continued his charade of a marriage to Kelsey in hopes of somehow appeasing Anita’s family and ending Kelsey’s reign of terror. But Kelsey wanted her free meal ticket that was Bobby’s trust fund. Their problems only escalated with time and both realized neither was ready to be parents. When Kelsey could do no more, Bobby turned to the Greys to take Sam in.

Bobby attempted to remedy the situation. He went to Isabella and asked for a blessing to ask Anita's hand in marriage after his divorce from Kelsey was finalized. Then, he went to Scott Chandler's home and brought Anita back to the Santos house. On New Year's Eve of 1996, the two announced their engagement. Together, they decided to go to school in Chicago to start a life together anew like his parents before him.

Bobby got a job in Las Vegas, estranging his relationship with his wife. Anita, tired of the long distance between them, left him for her family in Pine Valley. Bobby made his way back to his home and met a depressed Erica Kane who did not recognize her new friend. He saw her as a big “whale” for his casino, and quickly wore his way into her life. After Bianca’s accident, Bobby saw his opportunity to real Erica and her money to Las Vegas. While there, he helped her establish the alias, Desiree Duboise, as a Las Vegas showgirl. Bobby could not keep his charade up much longer, and revealed his true identity. Erica pushed Bobby away. He returned to Pine Valley where Anita was waiting at the airport. She began to accost him, all the while he was ensuring that nothing went on with Erica. Still, Anita was hesitant to take Bobby home.

Bobby's recent "investment" feel through, and he did not want to turn to Palmer again for quick cash. Kendall Hart knew this, and saw Bobby as a potential ally in her plan to break up the new Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lavery. Bobby had a simple task. All he had to do was seduce Greenlee duPres Lavery, and Kendall would tap into the Cambias bank account to pay off his debts. Bobby played along with the ploy, until he thought Anita would catch wind of it. When Anita learned the truth, their marriage was over.

Bobby remained in Pine Valley working up his next scam. He claimed to have evidence incriminating Zach Slater in the shooting of Ryan Lavery. He would only agree to giving the police the information if Edmund gave him one million dollars. Edmund complied, but too was scammed. Bobby skipped town with the money, leaving only a sarcastic note behind.

Portrayed by:

Mathew MacNamara (1981-1988 ) 
Chris Mazura (1989)
Brian Gaskill (1995-1997)
Christian Campbell (2004-present) 

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