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Bianca Montgomery


Written by Mikki (updated by DandTMartin4ever)

Born: Bianca Christine Montgomery (2/8/88)
Nickname: Binks
Mother: Erica Kane 
Father: Travis Montgomery (deceased)

Molly Montgomery- Half Sister (Travis' w/ Barbara Montgomery) 
Matthew Montgomery- Half Brother (Travis' w/ Barbara Montgomery) 
Kendall Hart- Half-Sister (Erica's w/ Richard Fields) 

Children: Miranda Mona Montgomery (result of rape by Michael Cambias)

Other Relatives:	
Jackson Montgomery - uncle
Lily Benton Montgomery - Cousin (Jack's adopted daughter with Laurel)
Reggie Porter Montgomery - Cousin (Jack's adopted son)
Christine "Kit" Fisher - Aunt

Occupation:  Acting CEO Cambias Industries, France

Bianca Christine Montgomery was born on the afternoon of February 8, 1988 to Erica Kane and Travis Montgomery after many complications. Erica lapsed in and out of a dream state before her birth. Travis and Erica married so that Bianca would not be born out of wedlock, and that seemed to be as shallow as their union was.

As a child, Bianca’s troubles started out at an early age. Travis was running out of money after his failed attempt to run for public office. He staged a fake kidnapping with an accomplice, Steven Andrews. Andrews took advantage of Travis, instead kidnapping Bianca! After Erica learned the truth, they parted ways.

Bianca and Erica moved to Center City where they befriended their neighbor. Unfortunately for them, he turned out to be none other than Andrews himself. Jackson Montgomery saved the day, came to Bianca and Erica's rescue, a theme that will run through most of Bianca's life. They moved back to Pine Valley so they could be near Erica's mother, Mona, and brother, Mark.

When Bianca fell ill to the rare disease, Reyes Syndrome, Erica wanted to keep her spirits up, so she planned on marrying Travis again. Bianca loved the idea of her parents being under the same roof. However, Bianca witnessed her mother kissing Uncle Jack. In anguish, she set the doll of her Uncle Jack on fire and it spread throughout the house and almost killed her. Travis learned of Erica and Jack's affair and sued for custody of Bianca. It was Jackson’s testimony at trial that skewed it in favor of Travis when he refused to lie on the stand. Travis won custody of his daughter and demanded Erica drop her off at his apartment that night. He had made plans with ex-wife Barbara Montgomery to move to Seattle with their children, Matthew and Molly.

Bianca was horrified with the thought of what was to come. Bianca thought that with the last divorce, Erica would not be her mother anymore. Erica promised no matter how far away she was, Erica would always be her mother. As Erica prepared to leave the apartment, Bianca ran out for one last hug.

Travis permitted Bianca to have extended visits to the Valley. Each one seemed to be an adventure for her. On one, her mother married Hungarian Prince, Dimitri Marick. Dimitri would become like another father to Bianca. That year, she also met her sister, Kendall Hart. Bianca did not like how Kendall was siphoning attention away from her. But, Mona assured her that no one loved her any less with Kendall in town. Bianca’s strength was challenged with her mother’s rapist, Richard Fields, made a move on her. Kendall saved her in the nick of time, but this would not be her last encounter with the dark side of the Kane Women legacy.

In 1994, Bianca lost the first person in what has seemed like a chain of passings over the years – it was Mona. Mona passed away in her sleep after a battle with breast cancer. At the funeral, Bianca remembered the short time she and Mona had together. She was so overflowing with emotion, that she could not end her part of the eulogy.

On her next vacation in Pine Valley, Bianca was once again the victim of kidnapping. The perpetrator this time was an evil Dr. Jonathan Kinder, Erica’s drug dealer. In an altercation at Linden house, Bianca pushed Kinder down the stairs in self-defense. Erica thought Bianca killed him and buried him in her backyard with the help of Janet Green and Skye Chandler. When Erica learned Kinder was alive, Bianca’s visit was cut short and she returned to Seattle.

In 1997, Bianca ran away from Seattle to be with her mother, who was jailed for the kidnapping of Madelyn Grey. When Travis and Barbara arrived to take Bianca home, he told Erica this would be the last time she would ever see Bianca. At that moment, Bianca fainted and was rushed to the hospital. There, she was diagnosed as suffering from anorexia nervosa. By early 1998, Bianca's condition became very serious. Bianca was hospitalized with a feeding tube to force-feed her. The recently widowed Edmund Grey did not want Erica to feel the pain of loosing a child, and dropped his charges. Erica staged an intervention with Travis, Barbara, Jack, and Dimitri. They all told her how much they lover her and how she needed to live. Bianca agreed to accept their help. She moved to a rehabilitation center in New England.

In July 2000, a 16-year-old Bianca returned to Pine Valley after Travis grew worried of her post-rehab behavior. Erica and Jack were enchanted with the idea of seeing Bianca again but the mother-daughter reunion did not go smoothly. Bianca had changed at the rehab center, and was bearing a dark secret she did not want Erica to know about.

Bianca befriended a free spirited drifter and Erica’s recent houseguest, Leo duPres Erica wanted to throw Bianca a "coming out" party, but Bianca didn’t want anything to do with it. Eventually, Bianca decided to comply with her mother's demands and agreed to attend the party. At the party, Jack was forced to bear the burden of telling Bianca a terrible piece of news. Travis had suffered a stroke, and died on the way to the hospital. Bianca did not want to return to Seattle and school. Jack and Erica demanded that Bianca go to school in Pine Valley with her family. Bianca agreed, and moved back into Linden House full time.

Bianca's new friend, Rain, helped Bianca find herself in a way that explained Bianca’s recent erratic behavior. At a Halloween party in October 2000, Rain unmasked Bianca at The Blue Angel, a known lesbian bar in Pine Valley, where Bianca’s best friend Leo and his girlfriend, Greenlee Smythe, found her. Later, at the Willow Lake boathouse, she came out to Leo. Erica did not know what was going on with Bianca, but she believed it to be Rain’s fault. She paid Rain to leave town and to never speak to Bianca again.

On Christmas Eve 2000, Erica prepared for a press conference announcing her plan to feature herself and Bianca as models in an ad campaign for Enchantment, but Bianca didn't show up. Erica returned to the Linden House to find a distraught Bianca. Bianca began to tell Erica about a girl named Sarah she had met at rehab. Erica did not understand what Bianca was trying to tell her. Finally Bianca came out and told Erica exactly how she felt, she was gay and in love with Sarah! Erica dismissed Bianca’s words, asking that Bianca to continue getting dressed. Bianca tried to get her mother to listen, but nothing seemed to get through. Erica left the house and did not return home until the next morning. Myrtle Fargate had heard screaming and came to the house to see Bianca, who told her what happened. Myrtle took the news much better and stood by Bianca, even when Erica could not.

Over the next summer, Bianca befriended and eventually fell in love with Laura Kirk English, who ended up marrying Leo. Bianca was worried about Laura, because she knew Leo did not love her.

In September 2001, Bianca befriended a drifter Mary Francis “Frankie” Stone, after Erica ran her down on the side of the road. Bianca and Frankie's friendship blossomed; they spent a lot of time together and Bianca showed Frankie what it was like to have someone in her life who loved her. Erica strongly disapproved of Bianca's relationship with Frankie. Frankie admitted to Bianca that she did love her but that night, when Bianca came by to visit Frankie she found her in bed with her friend, JR Chandler. Bianca ran to Erica who said she would kill anyone who hurt her daughter. That night, Frankie was dead.

This was a loss that rocked Bianca to the core. She had lost the first love she had since Sarah. Thinking that Bianca killed Frankie, Erica decided to take the blame for Frankie's death. The trial became quite comedic, with Erica ditching counsel in order to represent herself. The truth came out while Bianca was on the stand testifying. A butterfly pin triggered Bianca’s memory: she had found Frankie dead before her mother arrived at Opal’s house. Erica was innocent. Kendall returned to Pine Valley during the trial to put her mother in prison. She played on Bianca’s vulnerabilities, but Bianca stayed loyal to her mother.

A few months after Frankie’s death, Bianca got a huge surprise when Frankie's twin sister, Mary Margaret “Maggie” Stone showed up in town looking for answers about Frankie's death. The two worked together to eventually solve Frankie’s death. Vanessa Cortlandt, Frankie and Maggie’s aunt and the drug dealer “Proteus”, was ultimately responsible for the murder of Frankie Stone.

Linden House fell victim to an arsonist. With Bianca was inside and unconscious, Chris Stamp, Erica’s fiancée, saved Bianca in the nick of time. Kendall was the main suspect in the fire, but Bianca was suspicious of her new lawyer, Trey Kenyon. Trey was part of the tangled web of Proteus’ drug ring. Not only was he Vanessa’s son, but also he was Kendall’s brother through Richard Fields. Trey had burned Linden House after stealing Chris’ evidence about Proteus. The Proteus case came to its conclusion when Vanessa and Leo fell off of Miller’s Falls. Myrtle, Maggie, and Bianca watched in horror, as Leo was proclaimed dead. At the funeral, Greenlee and Bianca came to a truce. Later, Greenlee would give Bianca necklace of Leo as a sign of their new bond.

Over the next few months, Bianca and Maggie grew closer. They formed a friendship and soon Maggie clung to Bianca for stability and support. Bianca tried to fight her feelings for Maggie, even throwing Tim Dillon at Maggie. As time passed, Bianca’s feelings began to seriously weigh heavily on Bianca and Maggie's friendship. By January of 2003, Maggie and Bianca had “the talk”, where Bianca confessed to wanting a romantic relationship with Maggie. Maggie admitted that she loved Bianca truly and sincerely and even had feelings deeper than friendship, but ultimately she was heterosexual, and couldn't change herself for Bianca. Bianca's heart was broken yet again, but she understood, and the friends pledged to stay best friends no matter what. Bianca told Maggie not to feel guilty and that she understood. With Maggie’s encouragement, Bianca decided to move on and explore the thought of a relationship with someone else.

Bianca formed a strong friendship with Boyd Larraby, an Enchantment chemist. Soon, they both set their sights on a Polish native, Lena Kundera, Erica's new Chief Financial Officer. Spunky and flirtatious and smart, both Boyd and Bianca were attracted to Lena. A “friendly wager” was spun out of Bianca’s curiosity as to which team Lena was playing for. Boyd became wary of how Lena strung along both he and Bianca at the same time and dropped out of the bet, warning Bianca about Lena. But Bianca was already smitten with Lena’s charms.

Trey was arrested for the Linden House arson after his foster son, Reggie Porter, turned him in. Jackson had befriended Reggie and adopted him in Trey’s absence. Bianca welcomed Reggie into the Montgomery family with open arms. Reggie became very protective of his cousin. They knew they could relay on each other.

After breakfast and lunch dates, phone calls and spending a considerable amount of time together at work, Bianca and Lena went out on their first date. Bianca believed she had finally got it right – that she had met someone special when Lena abruptly ended things and quit her job at Enchantment. Just before Lena boarded her plane to take her to Prague, Bianca arrived at the airport and pleaded for her not to leave. Just as Bianca turned to leave, Lena’s feelings got the best of her and she planted a kiss on Bianca, sealing what they both really wanted. Both women returned to the Valley Inn, where Erica arrived to ask Lena about some suspicious wire transfers from Enchantment's account. Bianca told her mother that she and Lena were in a relationship. Bianca asked Erica to leave. Erica left after asking Lena to check up on the wire transfers.

Erica did get to the bottom of the wire transfers. Lena was a corporate spy for Cambias Industries, lead by Michael Cambias. Michael wanted the formula to Erica’s anti-aging face cream. Lena was caught on camera stealing a sample from Erica’s penthouse. Bianca dumped Lena thinking their whole relationship was a lie. Lena was arrested, but Jack offered her a deal if she could implement Michael as the boss behind the crime. It was Kendall who exonerated Lena with the help of Aidan Devane. Michael went to prison screaming that he would have revenge against the Kane women. Bianca fought her feelings for Lena after the betrayal, but they were still there.

On July 8, 2003, Bianca returned to her new residence in the Fargate Boarding House. The power was out, and the only source of light came from a window that revealed Michael was in the living room. Michael claimed his revenge that night by savagely raping Bianca. After Michael left, Bianca stripped off her clothes to burn them. No one could know of her secret.

Bianca’s trauma was made even worse because everyone around her was happy. Kendall and Erica were finally at peace, and Erica and Jack planned to marry. She did not want to be the one to ruin it. In a night of drunken ecstasy, Bianca revealed the truth of her rape to Maggie. Maggie kept the secret only as long as Bianca promised to get help after the wedding. But, Jack and Erica’s union was not be, when it was revealed Greenlee was Jack’s daughter. Then, Michael confronted her and Maggie at the Valley Inn. Bianca was detached, and Erica knew something was wrong. Bianca broke down and told Erica the truth: she was raped. Erica promised to stand by her in her fight for justice.

Jackson could not prosecute Michael for the crime since Bianca had burned all the evidence. But, Michael was not in the clear. He was found dead in a meat hanger. All of Pine Valley was a suspect because all had voiced interest in avenging the crime against Bianca. Bianca was worried about herself. She learned she was pregnant with Michael’s child. She knew Erica could never accept the child after seeing her treatment of Kendall. Bianca did not want to abort the fetus, so she, Kendall, and David Hayward hatched an elaborate plan. Kendall would feign pregnancy and raise Bianca’s child as hers and Michael’s. This put Kendall in the middle of a cross fire. She was accused of Michael’s rape and vilified by Erica again. Bianca hated seeing her sister in so much pain, but Kendall did not see it as a big sacrifice. The ruse went as planned until Greenlee revealed Kendall’s maternity pouch. The trial climaxed when Bianca remember the night of Michael’s murder. It was she who killed Michael. She also revealed she was still pregnant with Michael’s child. Erica could not believe both her daughters had lied to her.

In the meantime, Bianca tried to move on with her life. She and Lena’s relationship was on the right path. She also befriended Babe Chandler, JR’s new wife. Both were expecting. One night, Bianca and Erica got in a terrible argument over her baby. Bianca rejected Erica because she had not gotten over her own rape, so how could she be expected to help Bianca? Babe and Bianca were driving when they became stranded in a storm. In a cabin, Bianca went into labor. Babe delivered the child, Miranda Mona Montgomery. Happiness was not to be, as Bianca loss a lot of blood during labor and passed out.

Bianca woke up at the Pine Valley Hospital to site of Kendall. Bianca was anxious to see Miranda, but Kendall looked hesitant. She had a bombshell for her sister: Miranda had died in the helicopter rescue. Bianca was devastated. When Erica arrived, she rejected her. Then she heard cries from a corridor, she was sure it was Miranda! But, the child was Babe’s daughter, Bess Chandler. Bianca tried to run away with the child. With Kendall, she came to terms with Miranda’s death. Babe even asked Bianca to be Bess’ godmother. Erica was absent through all of this. She had her own demons to deal with: her father. Lena left Pine Valley to help her mother. Although the arrangement was to be temporary, Lena eventually broke it off with Bianca.

Erica returned to Pine Valley an alcoholic after Eric’s death. Bianca and her family staged an intervention. There, Bianca told Erica she had to confront her rape. Erica revealed Eric’s part in it, he had given her away to Fields! With the truth out in the air, Erica could finally be the mother that Bianca needed. The united Kane women opened up the Miranda Mona Montgomery Center for Women with the help of new Cambias heir, Ryan Lavery.

Babe turned to Bianca when she had suspicions that JR was trying to steal her baby. At the same time, a man named Ethan Ramsey came to Pine Valley claiming to be the Cambias heir. Bianca volunteered her black camisole she wore the night Miranda was born. The amniotic fluid would have samples of Cambias DNA on it. But, the camisole went missing. Ethan and Bianca tried to get to the bottom of it, which brought them to Jonathan Lavery’s door. Maggie, Jonathan’s new girlfriend, defended him. Bianca knew something was wrong with Jonathan, and that Maggie had a secret too.

Babe’s suspicions proved to be true. When she and Jamie went on the run, Bianca was informed of a mysterious note she left behind. She wanted to see the note, but JR had destroyed it. Bianca grew more suspicious of JR, but went along with his play. They went to a Miranda Center benefit in Florida together. Babe arrived in her hotel room after JR left. Bianca needed to know what Babe was trying to tell her in the letter. Babe was hesitant, but eventually spilled the truth: Bess was Miranda! Bianca lashed out at Babe for all her lies. JR returned after Babe left, and the two argued over Miranda. In a struggle on the terrace, Bianca slipped and fell off the balcony.

Bianca was now in for the fight of her life. She lay unconscious in the Pine Valley Hospital, waiting for a miracle. The miracle came that Christmas Eve when Erica arrived with a bundle in her arms: Miranda. A DNA test proved Bianca’s intuition was right all along. With the child in her arms, she woke up in time for the holidays. The Kanes united over Miranda’s rebirth when Mark Dalton and Nick Davis came back to Pine Valley. Nick gave Bianca a letter he had kept for almost a decade. The letter was from Mona. Mona had left a note for Bianca only to be opened when she had a child. It was filled with her prescription of sage advice for dealing with a Kane woman.

The subsequent custody trial between Babe and JR over their son put a strain on Bianca. She also learned Jonathan had hit Maggie. Ethan was also proven to be a Cambias, and Zach Slater was his father and Michael’s brother. Even with Miranda in her arms, Bianca was feeling pressure from all sides. She knew she needed a new beginning away from all of Pine Valley’s drama. Bianca took the initiative to solve all her problems. At the custody trial, Bianca testified that no matter what Babe did, she deserved to raise her baby. She also confronted Maggie about the abuse. The stress of the situation revealed Bianca’s true feelings, she was still in love with Maggie. Jonathan cornered Bianca for ruining his relationship with Maggie. Bianca was saved in the nick of time, but Jonathan’s attempt at her life was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

For her new beginning, Bianca decided to move to Paris and run Cambias Industries there. Erica was saddened by the thought of her daughter being so far away, but she knew she had to let go. The Kane women shared one last embrace. Just as the plane was about to take off, Bianca had the surprise of her life. Maggie came on board. She was ready to accept Bianca’s offer to start a new life in Paris together. They would take it slow and see if they would be anything more than friends. Bianca looked out the jet plane’s window one last time to say goodbye to the Valley that had been her home for so long.

Bianca and Miranda made the long trek to Boca Raton, Florida for Jack and Erica's wedding. She brought an unwelcomed stowaway: Ethan. The joy of the day was not overshadowed by the party crasher. The Kane and Montgomery's were finally united in one family. Before their honeymoon, Erica and Jack had to bid farewell to Bianca again. Bianca told Erica she wanted her to be Miranda's idol, as she was to her growing up. Bianca also wished Kendall a happy life, with whomever she decided to spend it with. Bianca stepped onto the water-trolly, again having to say goodbye to the family she loved so dearly.

Portrayed by:

Jessica Leigh Falborn (1988-1990) 
Caroline Wilde (1990-91) 
Lacey Chabert (1992-1993) 
Gina Gallagher (1993-1997) 
Natalie Paulding (1998) 
Eden Reigel (2000- 2005; 2005, 2006)


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