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Babe Carey Chandler


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Arabella Carey
Nickname: Babe

Mother: Krystal Carey
Father:  Dr. David Hayward
Supposed Father: Ron Fitzgerald

Paul Cramer
Adam "JR" Chandler, Jr.

Baby Chandler/ Asa Buchanan II- Son (w/ JR Chandler)
Elizabeth “Bess” Chandler- Daughter (presumed w/ JR Chandler)

Occupation: None

Arabella "Babe" Chandler was a liar and a tramp, but not to her own fault. She was married to Llanview resident Paul Cramer when she married Pine Valley boy-billionaire and the love of her life, JR Chandler, in Sand Diego. She snuck into Pine Valley without JR's knowledge, and spent the night with Jamie Martin, JR's brother. The next thing she knew, she was pregnant. Although she truly loved JR, she didn't know if he, Paul, or Jamie was the father. Her mother, Krystal, came to town to help Babe in crisis. Together, they warded off P.I. Tad Martin, and paid for Paul's silence.

Babe and Paul plotted to fix the paternity results, but her plans were to be spoiled with the prying eyes of Mary Smythe.

Babe’s life was turned upside down as she went into labor in a deserted cabin, in one of Pine Valley’s worst storms. She called Paul, an emergency helicopter pilot, to help her and Bianca Montgomery through their births. Paul had all intentions on kidnapping her baby boy, and giving him to his sister, Kelly Buchanan, in Llanview. He staged a crash, and laid Babe on the floor next to an empty incubator. Babe awoke and called for her child. Paul gave Babe Bianca’s baby girl. Babe fell back into a coma. She woke up in the hospital to the site of JR, welcoming their baby girl. However, deep down inside, Babe was sure they had had a baby boy. Furthermore, Bianca was claiming that Bess Chandler was her daughter, Miranda, who supposedly died in said helicopter crash. Babe fell in an out of consciousness until David was able to cure an infection she had.

Babe had a bad feeling about Bess. She knew the child could not be hers. She also knew that she could not risk loosing JR over the invalid marriage, and the truth of Bess’ parentage. Krystal staged a “vow renewal” that served as a legal wedding. For one moment, Babe felt her life was coming together after Paul supposedly died and JR continued to believe Babe about Bess.

During the renewal ceremony, the truth of Babe’s bigamy came out. It seemed as if JR had forgiven her, and went through with their marriage. David was not as trusting and began to investigate more into Krystal and Babe. He learned the truth about Bess’s parentage, and threatened to tell Bianca. Krystal distracted him by telling him he was Babe’s father. Then, she tried to make a run out of town. Babe was not ready to see her mother go, and pleaded for her stay. At the airport, David came storming in and told them Krsytal was right, he was her father. David promised to keep Babe’s secret.

JR’s façade of forgiveness was only not apparent to Babe. He was setting up Babe to look like a bad mother, just like Adam had done to his mother Dixie more than a decade prior. Jamie tried to make Babe see the truth, but she refused to believe him. He went to prison for drugging Babe, who went into a shock and was hospitalized. David knew it had JR’s signature all over it, but Babe was not about to turn on her husband.

Jamie was stabbed in a prison ruse, where he tried to reveal one of JR's scams to get custody of Bess. Babe enlisted Bianca's help to test JR's loyalty once and for all. they feigned an affair to see JR's reaction. JR's true intentions came out. Babe was ready to take Bess and go on the run, but JR and Adam had stored Bess in a secure location. With Bess within her reach, Babe made final plans to go on the run and tell Bianca the truth about Bess. But another storm brought her to Llanview where she met Kevin Buchanan, Paul's former brother in law. When Babe carried his newborn adopted son Ace, Babe felt a connection. She knew this child had to be her son. It was all Paul's fault that any of this began.

On arriving back in Pine Valley, Babe asked David to run a DNA test on Ace to satisfy her suspicions. Babe had befriended Kevin, and brought Ace to Pine Valley for play visits with Bess. David got his sample and confirmed Babe's suspicions: the child was Babe's and JR's. Babe engineered a new plan. She let JR think she was leaving town without Bess, all the while planning on kidnapping Ace and leaving Bianca a letter with the truth about Bess. Jamie came to Babe's side again. They went on the run, content Bianca would get her baby back and JR would learn nothing about his son. They took on the alias of the Andersons, and renamed Ace James.

On the run in Florida, Jamie and Babe grew closer. They ran into Krystal and Tad who told them that Bianca never got her letter, as JR intercepted it after learning the truth about Bess. Babe concocted a ploy to separate Bianca and JR who where there as well. Jamie kept JR occupied as Babe prepared to pour her heart out to Bianca. Bianca was furious that Babe had allowed her to go through the pain of mourning her child, yet still called herself her best friend. Babe left Bianca with Miranda in her arms. She and Jamie went on the run again, saddened by the thought that they could never see their families again in order to keep James free of the the Chandler influence.

Arriving in New Orleans, Babe and Jamie set up the foundation for their new lives. On Christmas they gave each other the same gift, a promise to be the family that they left behind. But their bliss in New Orleans was not to be. One of JR's henchmen tracked them down. They were saved in the last minute be a surprise player, Liza Colby. She too was on the run from the Chandlers with her daughter Colby. Liza was able to get in contact with Tad. Together, they prepared to escape JR again. Only, the Chandlers were one step ahead. JR and police seized Jamie and Babe. Babe was forced to give her child up to JR.

They returned to Pine Valley as criminals. Babe lost custody of James, now known as Adam Chandler III, after Kevin waved his rights. For the criminal charges, Krystal took the fall. Babe didn't want her to, but Krystal assured her it was all for the best.

Babe and Jamie moved in together, living the life of poverty in an apartment over a mechanic shop. Babe stood by Jamie when his beloved Aunt Phoebe Wallingford died. They thought that they had been through it all, until Phoebe's will was read. JR had already manipulated the board at Pine Valley University to expel Jamie. Phoebe revealed that she would give Jamie all her influence and money to become a doctor as he dreamed of, if he left Babe forever. To mend the relationship between siblings, JR would be the executor to her wishes. Babe pushed Jamie to pursue his dreams, but Jamie chose love. Jamie proposed his hand in marriage to Babe.

As time went by, Babe could not see Jamie’s dreams end. She began to work at the Roadside Bar to make ends meet. There, she met Josh Madden who was obviously smitten with her. Babe did not have feelings for Josh but knew that he could help her in her newest scheme: breaking Jamie’s heart. They faked an affair and let Jamie catch them. Babe even allowed Amanda Dillon, a woman who wanted Jamie, in on the plan. After their breakup was finalized, Jamie inherited the estate. But, Babe was worried about what Amanda was doing to Jamie. She knew Amanda just wanted Jamie’s money, but did not know how to convince Jamie.

JR came to bar one night and attempted to drive home. Babe jumped in the car to try to stop him. Instead, he crashed into Amanda. When the police arrived, Babe took the fall for JR. When he came to, Babe used her sacrifice to manipulate more time out of JR to see her baby. The more time she spent at Chandler mansion, the more she saw JR to be the man she married. When Little Adam was kidnapped, JR and Babe pulled together to find their son. That Christmas, JR revealed he was feeling the same way too.

At the park one day, Babe crossed paths with Janet Dillon, Amanda’s mother. Janet gave Babe and interesting warning, bring up details of the night that Little Adam had disappeared. Babe grew suspicious if Janet had any role in the string of crimes happening in town. When she turned to Jamie with her theory, he dismissed it as fruits of her rivalry with Amanda.

Portrayed by:

Alexa Havins (2003-present)

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