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August 31, 1998

Pine Valley could really use some better security people. Yet again Bob Thomasen can confront Brooke with no one around. Give me a break please!! This time it was in the lobby outside the courtroom. Where is the security guard? Where are the reporters? Where are the people that just mill around outside a courtroom for no reason? Nowhere to be found. Why? So we can see Dimitri ride in on his white horse to save the damsel in distress once again. The more I see of this, the more ridiculous it gets! After this little scene, Dimitri whisks Brooke back into the courtroom. Keith is giving his first of two closing arguments. I never knew that was done, but Trevor said Keith gets two chances so I'll assume it's either correct or that it's one of those Pine Valley rules. So what is Brooke doing while Keith is giving his closing? She's daydreaming of Dimitri of course! Then the daydream turns into a daymare as Dimitri morphs into Jim right before Brooke's eyes and he cackles an evil Jim laugh at her, all the while hearing Keith's words ringing in her head... "her fiance dead! her fiance dead! her fiance dead!!!" That should teach you a lesson Brooke. When you're on trial for murder, instead of daydreaming about picnics in the park with your own personal Prince Charming with busy hands, you should pay attention to what is happening in court.

Trevor gave very good closing arguments, but I found my mind wandering during them. Being as I'm not on trial, I can do this. What was my mind on? The fact that Dixie was sitting right next to Janet in the courtroom! What's up with that? Will the fact that Janet killed Dixie's brother ever be addressed now that Dixie is back in town?

Did you ever think there could be anything worse than a Hayley/Mateo love scene? Well there is; a Jake and Allie one! Blech! Thank goodness Liza walked in on them and saved us from any more of it! I was so happy she did that, that I'm not even going to question why she 1) went to Allie first with the news of her pregnancy, and 2) just walked right in. Well you could just tell that Allie was not overly thrilled with the news, and just what is her big problem now? She is one of two people that know that the baby is not Jake's. The insemination was a success, she should be happy that they don't have to try it again! So once again, loony Allie gets a case of the guilts and follows Adam to the cabin. She's even more nuts than I thought! There's Adam, on a stake out for Lee Hawkins, gun in hand and who's at the door? Allie! Uh gee Adam, I don't know anything about your son, but we have to talk about Liza's pregnancy. What an IDIOT!!! I loved how Adam basically kicked her butt out of that cabin, once again using her medical license as leverage. Which, I repeat, I think he has no intentions of following through on.

The whole time the Scooby gang is trying to figure out who Lee is, poor Marian is running out of air in the mausoleum. I sure wish I could have seen that moment when it all clicked in everyone's minds that, "gee duh Daphne.. I think Lee Hawkins and John Lee might be the same guy." "Do you think so Shaggy?" "Sure do Velma, lets hop in the mystery van with the others and go find him!" But alas, I didn't see it because my gung ho ABC affiliate decided that it never rains in Cleveland and since it was about to, we needed not one, not two, but three interruptions to warn us. I'm not usually one to complain about news interruptions because I am of the belief that real news is more important than a soap, but even I have my limits! No OJ and ONE weather warning! But I digress... so now that everyone knows John is really Lee, all those visions Mateo had suddenly make sense. Can I just say it one more time, please?? DUH!!!!

Then the blame game starts between Adam and Dixie, on just who's fault it is that Junior's been kidnapped. I again have to put the blame on the lax security at Wildwind. What irked me about this whole little scene with Dixie and Adam at each others throats was Mateo stepping in and telling them to stop arguing, that Lee is after Hayley. And then, Adam and Dixie nod and shut up! What??? Lee already had Junior!!! Mateo seems to give two hoots about that. He's just concerned about how to protect Hayley and find Lee. And then in yet another idiotic move, when Derek shows up to ask questions about Junior's disappearance, he says that he'll question Amanda and Jamie about anything they might know and Hayley gets all bent out of shape and tells him that there's no time or whatever it was she told him. Did she take the same moron pill that her husband took??? Of course he should question the kids! Luckily the brains of the operation, Stuart, decided to do that! Not that Derek would have believed there was a ghost behind the wall in the mausoleum like Stuart did, but still! The kids were the last to see Junior, it's customary that they would get questioned. So as Marian gets her strength from hearing Stuart's voice, Stuart is stopping at nothing to find his lady love. Too bad this has taken such an agonizingly long time. When he was in the mausoleum doing a very fair impersonation of Marlon Brando, I had such hopes he would find her then. But not to be, it took a couple words from Amanda for him to rush back there where he finds her this week. Marian gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK for having to endure all that she has in that crypt! In the meantime, Edmund and Mateo have gone to the carnival in Center City to see if they could find Lee. Mateo leaves Hayley in Ryan's hands and poor Ryan. He's going to have to deal with the wrath of Mateo when he gets back and finds Hayley is missing.

Let's talk about Gillian. I had such high hopes in the early part of this week for her and Ryan. They bonded while at the carnival looking for Lee. They almost had a love scene, if Hayley hadn't interrupted. Let me just say, those two know how to do a love scene! They were HOT! Some others on the show could take a few lessons from them. By the end of the week Gillian is getting this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. Can anyone be dumb really? First her jealousy bugs me to no end. How can she be jealous of Hayley when Ryan is only concerned for her as a friend and worried about her well being. Well Ms. Gilly just sees it as him trying to get in her pants. Enough already!! It's not like everyone is making up the existence of Lee Hawkins so Ryan can get closer to Hayley! So when she storms out after getting into a spat with Ryan, she runs into Lee. There's that wonderful security at Wildwind again. Lee grabs Gillian and wants to know where Camille's ashes are, so she tells him that Hayley's back in town. Brilliant move Princess. So with all the good intentions she could muster, she goes back to the house to tell Ryan and Hayley, but since Ryan snaps at her, she spitefully doesn't say anything. It took overhearing Dixie's concern and worry about Junior for Gillian to actually admit to seeing Lee on the grounds. This is really going to be a big obstacle that I'm not sure Ryan and Gillian can find their way back from. What's with her anyway? Is she that insecure? Well, she doesn't seem to waste much time after Ryan tells her to hit the road. She's going to find herself in David's arms before too long.

Junior is one feisty kid isn't he? I think it's pretty cool how they are depicting him as brave and spunky in the face of adversity. He's not taking much crap from Lee, and I don't think Lee likes it too much. It's very mature of Junior to only show fear when he's alone. So Adam makes a televised plea for Junior's safe return. The best part of this was when Palmer showed up and got all over Adam's case. Again, it gives me hope that the rivalry between these two is on it's way back. Adam and Liza had some nice moments during all this, but Adam is fooling himself to think that Liza is going to be happy that she's having his baby. And then, when Liza is feeling woozy, David runs out of nowhere to catch her and tell Adam that she's pregnant. That seemed like a pretty forced scene to me. Back to Junior and captivity for a minute. Hayley was pretty smooth the way she played up to Lee, too bad it didn't work. This week it's really going to heat up for Hayley, I'm just confused how she gets poisoned by lead paint.

PC and Opal were at it again. Opal has just about had it with her lovebug and I can't say as I blame her. The whole time she was yelling at him for deceiving her and keeping secrets he had that smug little Palmer grin on his face. I'd have slapped him too if I were Opal. And boy did she ever lay a hell of a slap on him! WOW! How dare he compare his paintings to his child! I wonder if Opal will leave Palmer? He hasn't kept his promise already. He told Opal that he would never keep secrets from her again, and as soon as he found out about Junior, he told the maid not to tell Opal and ran out. Have we learned nothing from this ordeal Palmer?

This week we have the long awaited arrival of Kit. The woman who knew Tad when he thought he was Ted Orsini. The woman who has a past with Jack. The woman who will most likely be Edmund's new love interest. I have a stupid theory about Kit and I sure hope that I'm wrong. But one of the scoops for next week leads me to believe that I might actually be on the right track. Kit may just end up being Jack and Travis's sister Christina. Now supposedly she died when they were children in a drowning accident. So how on earth could she be alive? I don't know, but I do know that in the coming weeks there will be interesting tidbits brought to light about Travis, Jack and Christina's childhood. I'm keeping my eyes on this one.

Can you believe it, I don't have a LINE OF THE WEEK this week! The closest I could come up with was when Ryan and Gillian came back from the carnival. Gillian was talking about staking out the carnival to find Lee so they could "jump his bones." But that wasn't all that great. So to compensate for no LINE, I have a few blunders that I found in AMC this week. First... when Dixie and Tad were talking and she was upset about Junior and he was trying to comfort her, Tad told Dixie not to apologize before Dixie actually said, "I'm sorry." Second... Stuart was talking to Liza about Marian and he called her Miriam, but he corrected himself immediately. And third... when Liza was talking to Allie and Jake about her pregnancy, Allie said that maybe she would have twins since her baby should be born in May. Uh Allie... Gemini, the Twins is the month of June.