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August 30, 1999

This is going to be an abbreviated Editorial this week and a lot of the delay is due to server problems. For some reason, suddenly the server didn't recognize any of my pages. For anyone who is interested, the shower went great! We had a beautiful day and held it outdoors.

So... here are some highlights from this past week!

Turns out, Alex is a doctor. Whee! How fun. Who cares. You know, so far the only interesting thing about "that Alex person" is that she's in flashbacks with Dimitri and we are still getting to see him. This week we found out she was Dimitri's neurologist and Dim had some dreaded disease, but she cured it, only so he could die from an aneurysm. Alrighty then.

And more about Alex.. not only is she a doctor but she's a "world renowned neurologist" which means she knows Pine Valley's own "world renowned cardiologist" David Hayward. Oh he was sly and slimy and creepy and fabulous this week. David is our PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. He taunted, teased and basically made a few hours hell for Alex. That was fun. First he saw her at the hospital and called her Dr. Devane, then when Eddie walked out and saw them talking, David covered for Alex. Ahhh, but he'll only cover for so long. He followed her back to Weirdwind with more taunted in mind. Oh he's good, he's very good. He had her so flustered and hot around the collar that all I could do was laugh. She kept trying to deflect his questions and told him she was no longer a practicing physician. He didn't buy it, wanted to know what happened to make her quit such a prominent career, but she wouldn't tell him. Then, of course, Eddie had to burst in and find out what the dang deal was and why David was there. Alex tries at first to continue hiding the fact that she's a doctor, but with David there, taunted and harassing her, she finally cracks and shows Edmund the book with her picture in it. It's right here where, David could have given us the perfect line of the week, but since he didn't, I'll call it the THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE LINE OF THE WEEK award. I could almost hear him say it too. Alex cracked and told Eddie she's a doctor, David gets that devilishly smug grin on his face and he should have said, "My work here is done," and then left. Ahh too perfect!

So yadda yadda yadda, Ed's outraged, Ed's indignant, Ed's all worked up into a lather about Alex. So what else is new?

It was a week where Erica, Vanessa, Palmer and Opal all returned from their vacations. Erica was surprised by some romantic piano playing by David and I wonder if there is anything this guy can't do? They boinked a few times more and heck, who knows...maybe they did go for 20! Palmer and Vanessa returned from their cruise with big news... they are married! I have to tell ya, this is a match made in heaven, or is that hell? Either way, I think it's terrific! Opal returned from her spa hopping in Europe with a big ugly green feather in her hair and is pretty shook up about the news of Palmer and Vanessa's union.

It was also a week of newbie introductions. We had Tiffany, the new Glamorama manicurist who looks like she will add some fun to the show. Sven the silent masseuse at the Glamorama. And Millicent, Greenlee's snobby grandmother who serves pretty much no purpose as far as I can tell.

Dr. Clador had told Dixie that she could have another baby and that her health was not a factor in losing this one. This is exactly what Dixie wanted to hear and I see problems on the horizon for Tad and Dixie. There is no way that Tad is going to go along with Dixie getting pregnant again. And while Ruth is trying to talk Dixie out of it, Opal is trying to talk Tad into it. Wow, clash of the mothers!

Tad and Dixie return home from the hospital and Tad suddenly becomes something called, The Great Martini, magician to the stars. He acted goofy and silly and fun and succeeded in cheering up Dixie. Cute scene.

Over at the health club, Greenlee is playing trampy ho and trying to pick up Jake. Jake pretty much ignores her, sees Adrian and Belinda, who just happen to have just gotten back from their vacation too, and breaks the news about Dixie's miscarriage to them. Adrian wants to rush over and be there for Tad and I'm loving that. I'm hoping that AMC will continue to pursue a relationship for Tad and Adrian. Eventually, Adrian and Belinda do head over to Tad's and in a split second SCENE OF THE WEEK, Adrian tells Tad he was sorry about the baby and the two hug. I love this relationship... or maybe I should say I love the idea of it. AMC hasn't really done much with it, but I remain hopeful that they will.

Spindly collapsed and Ryan rushed her to the ER. Fancy that, she's dehydrated and malnourished. Who'd a thunk!? You think it might have something to with that fact that her meal for the week was a cracker and a sniff of a vodka bottle?

Adam arrives at the hospital and overhears Assholeo telling Ryan he did not sleep with Raquel. Adam goes for the attack and tries to grab Assholeo, to which I cheer and yell for Adam to beat the daylights out of Assholeo! No luck, Ryan breaks them up, so here I am, left again to do the dirty work. This weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award goes to, *drum roll please* Assholeo!!! Did you see him cock his fist at Adam!? OK fine, Adam did some after him but would he have actually punched Adam if Ryan hadn't stepped in?

In light of all this, Adam posts a guard outside of Slim's room and pays him to not let Mateo Santos near his daughter. It's at this point that Mr. Diva asks me how the guard will know who Mateo is. I patted him on the head and said, "it's a soap dear, everyone knows everyone else. Now you go back to reading your little weight lifter magazine ok?" Blah blah blah, Ryan and Adam tried to protect Hayley. Gillian is jealous. Hayley is oblivious.

One question. Dimitri's tombstone in the mausoleum read, Dimitri Yakov Marick... where did the Yakov come from? Is that his middle name?

So, all in all, a pretty crappy week. I'll give it a C- and I'm being generous.