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August 18, 1997

Where to begin!! The fists are flying between Tad and Count Disco. I hope Tad gets another good shot at him! And I have to wonder, does Tad knock down GloHo on purpose?? Probably not, but I'm just gonna pretend that he does. I'm sure Tad is thinking what we are all thinking, someone knock some sense into her! She's never liked Tad even hinting at telling her wait to do. She fought him everytime he told her not to see Dimitri anymore, now Dim Dim the Dancing Machine tells her to stop being Joe's nurse and she agrees?! Glo needs to sit down and figure out what the heck she is doing cuz she is all over the place. You just know that Disco Boy's mourning for Maria will make Glo all gushy and give her that "See, he's got a wonderful human side" attitude. But then the next minute her eyeballs are darting left and right and up and down as she's talking to Tad. Well dear, you better just make the best of your life with Dim, cuz hopefully Tad is through with you!

Bravo Liza for turning down Tad's ridiculous offer. What was he thinking? What was she thinking for even considering it? Why is Marian the voice of reason here? That frightens me. Liza has shown again that she is thinking with a clear head when she decides not to let Tad be her baby's father and contests Adams divorce agreement. You go girl!! Now all we need is for Adam to grow up and quit acting like an idiot. The whole thing about him thinking the baby is Tad's is just so dumb! I've just about had it with him and his stubbornness. Why is that everyone believes Liza except Adam? Even Hayley believed her.

I kinda figured that something would mess up Skye's big confession. It made no sense that it came this soon after Maria's death. I mean, if AMC wanted Edmund to know that quickly, why couldn't they have Maria tell him. I hated that she didn't by the way. She had plenty of time to tell him before there was even one little bump on the plane, but instead she opted to discuss it with Maddie. Then after the plane went down, I knew she wasn't going to say anything, but I kept hoping she would say to Brooke "tell Edmund he's Maddie's real father, ask Skye." How hard would that have been? Oh and when Brooke told Edmund what happened, Edmund's anguish was so hard to watch. I knew it would be. Actually that whole show that day was a weep fest. I cried when Mateo told Mama, when Brooke told Edmund, when Janet talked to Amanda about being old and gray and how she will always be with her. Then cried again the next day during Edmund's hallucination. Yes, it was a hallucination, remember..he has a head injury.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I like Jim already. He was really good during the plane crash scenes, although I just wish he would have smacked Brooke. Jim you had a prime opportunity in your grasp and you blew it! The main time I wanted to haul off on her was when she was lying on top of the wreckage and was calling out, "help me, somebody help me." As soon as Jim got to her she sat up, and might as well have said, "nevermind, I'm fine." Then through all her hysterical rantings, a smack would have really calmed her down. OK OK, how are you supposed to act after a plane crash...I really don't know, thank goodness, but I've wanted to smack Brooke for awhile now and I never want to miss an opportunity to do it. But back to Jim. He was cool and in control and I loved how, when Brooke handed Maddie to him at one point, that he kissed the baby's head. That was so sweet and seemed so unscripted. I still think that he will end up being Laura's father and Brooke's eventual love interest. I just have to laugh at all the mail I'm getting about Laura being a teen prostitue and Jim being her pimp. Common folks, get real! AMC can't even handle having a gay teen, let alone a teen prostitute!! Besides that, Jim's character is going to be around awhile and is on contract, so he won't be that unsavory. I don't know what went on in Laura's past and to be honest, Lauren Roman makes me not care one lick about her. But I hope that Jim is around for awhile because I think he's pretty cool and not bad looking either.

So Jake and Allie are the only two doctors at Pine Valley Hospital I guess. Allie took care of Petey with Jake. Allie helped Joe out before his surgery. Allie and Jake take care of Maddie after the crash. Allie saves Joe when he has a bad reaction to medication. Two interns and they run happen to be in every department of the hospital...emergency, cardiology, ICU, pharmacy. I think PV Hospital better put out some want ads for more staff.