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August 17, 1998

Call me crazy but I thought the Brooke Show was pretty good. It showed a lot of us, me included, why Julia Barr gets the recognition she does. She was amazing. Thursday's show was almost exclusively trial. When I first heard this was going to be the case, I had mixed emotions. Glad because I hoped that meant speeding up this trial already and getting it over with. And dread because a whole show would be focused on it. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I liked the intermingling of the kids at Wildwind, showing a very worried Jamie. If anyone could relate to Jamie, it's Amanda. This is such an adorable group of friends. Can you just see the future love triangle there?

There are some really whacko things going on in this trial though. First of all, Janet. When did she become co-counsel? Was it because Belinda had to suddenly leave town that Janet gets to sit at the defense table? Speaking of which, I just love hearing Noah and Julia mentioned. I hope when Belinda comes back she'll have more news about them. But Janet at the defense table is nothing compared to Keith. The guy is a lawyer that pretty much sums up everything there. But how could he continually ask Dimitri if he was in love with Brooke while Trevor objects and while Dimmie answers no. He just asked him over and over again. Isn't the first answer the one that is accepted in these cases? And then when he asked Dim if he confessed to other murders to protect people he loves, all I could think was what a strange question that was. Does Dim have a whole address book full of murdering friends? And since when is Edmund for a pairing between Dim and Brooke. At first he seemed so against it, now he seems to be pushing them together. I still hope this pair never happens, but if it does, my hope is for a Brooke/Dim/Erica triangle. I would love to see the old Brooke/Erica rivalry back in full swing again. And besides that, Brooke wouldn't stand a chance.

Back to the trail... what about Keith's line of questioning with Brooke. He was completely badgering her. He yelled out all kinds of nasty accusations while the Judge was hammering way with his gavel, Trevor was screaming objection and Brooke was having a breakdown on the stand. I don't get how he didn't get sited for contempt at the very least. His whole line of questioning was really sickening too. Why would he think that because Jim took porn pictures of Laura that Brooke would be afraid he would leave her for Laura? That's really disgusting. The only thing I liked about Keith's whole questioning of Brooke was the fact that he got Dixie to realize she's no angel. When she told Brooke that she never thought of herself as the other woman when she stole first Adam, then Tad from Brooke I wanted to scream! She doesn't have trouble seeing Liza as the other woman for doing the very same thing she did. It's about time Dixie faced up to it. I don't hate Dixie, I know a lot of you think I do. Not at all. I just think she's a little full of herself for someone who is not squeaky clean. At any rate, Brooke doing her best to explain her actions on the stand makes her this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. She brought a tear to my eye. I still don't think she really needed to kill Jim, but she does, and that was painfully obvious when she was on the stand. And for being a complete and utter jerk and a half, Keith gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. It looks like Bob Thomasen will do some damage next week. Oh and I guess all the reports of him being blind were false. He's handicapped in some way though. They could have at least given him a haircut so he didn't look exactly like Jim, especially since they aren't supposed to be twins.

Why is Ryan so hard on Gillian? I felt so bad for her when he was yelling at her and calling her stupid for suggesting that they use Hayley as bait to catch Lee. Why is that such a bad idea? Actually it's the only thing that makes sense. It's a perfect plan. And if they have enough people watching her, she wouldn't get hurt. I loved when she offered to pose as Hayley as the bait. She said... "I'll dress like Hayley and wear a blonde wig. That is if I can find one with black roots." Too funny! Gilly gets this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK for that one! But Ryan jumps all over her and the poor thing has just had it! She admits to Ryan that she has been terrified since the explosion and Ryan says he had no idea??? Please honey, how could you not know she's scared? She was almost killed and the killer is still on the loose!! I think that Ryan and Gillian could be a really awesome couple if they just stop playing games with each other. It's obvious that they love each other.

Lee still has Marian holed up in the mausoleum. It's pitiful how many times she's almost been found and then at the last minute not. There are a few points with this storyline that I'm confused about though. First, how long have they been in there? I'm guessing it's only supposed to be about a day or so, but it seems like forever. Marian must really need a bathroom by now. I doubt if there's a restroom in the mausoleum. Why, when Marian gave Lee all those pain killers in his drink wasn't he knocked out? He should have been in la la land. Whenever there are people outside the mausoleum, why is Marian silent? She's screaming every other time. She only did that one time when the kids were nearby and heard her and of course no one believes them. And the big question... why does Lee know that Marian is Marian when it's convenient for him? For instance, he thinks she's Joy and has her write a letter to Stuart saying she never wanted to see him again. But she didn't mention anything about her "husband" Lee or even sign the letter Joy. Also, Lee left a note for Hayley and Mateo saying that he left town with some hot babe. If Lee really thought it was 20 years ago (he doesn't seem to know that it's the 90's) he would have said I decided to take a vacation with my wife wouldn't he have? And when he's eavesdropping on anyone and they talk about Marian, he knows that they are talking about who he thinks is Joy. And the last straw, this week he buys Marian a plane ticket to South America, presumable to throw everyone off her trail, but he gets it in Marian's name? How does he know to do that? Why is he only delusional when he's actually with Marian? Are you all as confused about all this as I am? And poor poor Marian, not only is she always getting knocked around by this loon, but then she has to make out with him to try and save her skin. Ick! My skin crawled for her.

I loved the scenes this week between Liza and David. They do have a great chemistry together and banter very well. Like when David tells Liza he would have been happy to father her baby. Liza says, "I saw Rosemary's Baby. I'm not up for a sequel." That was great! Liza keeps trying to fend him off, but I think she kind of likes him showing up her doorstep every now and again. Although I'm sure she finds it annoying that he always knows her business. That would annoy me too. Thanks to the newly coiffured Allie. She looks like she had a 10 year old do a Lilt 30 minute home perm on her. Ugh. Allie's guilt over switching Jake's sperm with Adam's seems to have disappeared. She's one sly little liar isn't she? She goes to Liza with a huge basket of flowers and a toy for her baby, and then in the middle of the "all is forgiven" hug you see that "yes, I'm lying" express on her face. I just can't wait to see Adam tell her to hit the road when she demands that he deliver on his promise to get reinstated. I think Adam will deny he ever promised such a thing and leave her in the lurch. Maybe Allie will get some help from one her own enemies... Palmer! How about if Palmer swallows his pride and goes to thank Allie for saving his eyesight, but somehow the conversation shifts and she tells him how she was screwed over by Adam and then they band together to get him. Maybe Palmer will somehow frame Adam with the stolen pictures? Palmer is getting nervous. He'll have to think of someway to throw Jack and Mike off his track. Why not frame his old nemesis. I would love to see this rivalry heat back up. Adam and Palmer's feud has always been one of my favorites.

I sure wish Adrian was involved more. After all, he's the spy that is still working, not retired like Mike. But I have to admit, Mike and Jack sure are fun together... that is until Erica is brought into it. I had some good laughs at Mike and Jack in the car staking out Palmer. When Jack pleaded with Mike to spare him the stories of him and Boris Badanov staking out the KGB, I was busting up! And how great was Palmer's line to Erica? Again the delivery was half the fun, but maybe you'll remember his drama, his arms up in the air and his total lie to Erica. He had come to her house to get information on if Jack is still investigating him. Erica had just finished some whacked out photo shoot for some unknown reason. (Oh and the male model she was working with had a great line too.. I think his name was Tigar or Tiggar or something like that. Erica was going on about not choosing either Jack or Mike when the model posing with her says... "Oh forget 'em Erica. Men are pigs. My boyfriend just ran off with my Chinese herbalist." Great stuff AMC!!!) So Palmer tells Erica the "real" reason that he has the secret room and that was for a trysting spot for him and Daisy, away from her mother, that old battle-ax Myra. Erica is a little confused and Palmer says, "Oh Erica, you know what it's like in a house with a full staff. I mean it's impossible for two lovers to find a pocket of privacy, especially when one of the two is rather vocal. Well I needn't elaborate." Oh that Palmer busts me up! I think AMC has finally learned that he's wonderful and should be on the show more! It's about time!!! But just who's the vocal one? Palmer or was it Daisy? We may never know!