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April 21, 2008

First things first, some answers to a few frequently asked questions. Thank you all so very much for asking, my dad is doing fine! After staying with Mr. Diva and I for about 8 months, mom and dad moved back to their house and are doing great. Well, great is probably overstating it, but they are good. 2007 was a hell of a year. And a year ago at this time we were right in the thick of it all. I hope I never ever have to have another year like that again and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. The memories are very vivid and do slap me in the face sometimes. But everyone is much better!

To answer another often asked question... yes I am on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn (I have no clue what I'm doing there, but a friend invited me and I accepted so there I am! lol) and I do have a blog (although it's not about AMC or soaps at all, it's about cooking mostly).

Now, on to the important stuff. I think you'll all really like what I'm listening to while I write today. I've got Darnell Williams, Pure Satisfaction; David Canary So Many People; Ruth Warrick Phoebe Tyler Regrets; Louis Edmunds Nobody Cares About Langley; and Soap Sessions Volume 1. OK ok... I'm not really listening to those things. But I do really own them all. Darnell and David's are both lps. That's vinyl albums for you youngins. Ruth, Louis and Soap Sessions are cd's. I'm actually really listening to: Peter Murphy Unshattered; Bauhaus Go Away White; Interpol Our Love to Admire; Sisters of Mercy Floodland; and The Best of the Damned.

This Editorial will reflect the shows that aired from April 14 thru 18. It may or may not discuss some upcoming spoiler.

Despite all his issues in the past, Ryan has never gone to a shrink until now, when he can't remember all those issues. That seems a little odd to me. But whatever, at least he's there now. Apparently she was some famous shrink, Dr. Gail Saltz, who I never heard of. And while I'm no shrink, I thought her advice to Ryan was pretty stupid and pretty unprofessional. Basically when Ryan told her that he was starting to remember his relationship with Greenlee but not Annie yet, she told him that maybe he didn't remember Annie because he never really loved her and he's only remembering the fiery passionate relationships he's had. Wouldn't it be more logical to suggest that Ryan is slowly remembering things as they happened and not suggest that he never loved his wife at all!? Ryan got defensive about it, but the rest of the week he kept flashing back to those words whenever he saw Annie. And Annie is not helping at all! Ryan asks her to describe how they fell in love and Annie's recap really does make it sound like maybe he never really loved her. It's bizarre. She tells Ryan about how she almost slugged him with a fireplace brush when they first met and how she shot him. She tells him how they never really dated, but were thrown together because of Emma. She's really painting a romantic picture isn't she? She tells him how he was her hero over and over again and helped her through crisis after crisis. She tells him how he asked her to marry him before he ever said he loved her and how it was she who said she loved him first. Gee Annie, your sentiment is making me weep. Despite all this Ryan is making every effort to get to know Annie again. He's probably curious to find out what qualities in her other than her incessant neediness drew him to her in the first place. Maybe Ryan will learn more about himself through all this and realize that he loved being her hero more than he actually loved Annie. I actually did like Ryan and Annie, now I'm not so sure. How and why did they really fall in love? I hope Ryan finds out because now I want to know too!

On to another couple that doesn't really love each other... Aidan and Greenlee. Aidan gets moody whenever Kendall is brought up. Acting like that is not real affective when trying to keep the boink secret. But the guilt is eating away at him. So much so that in a strange fit of who knows what, Aidan got the brilliant idea to propose to Greenlee. Guilt proposals are always a great idea. Greenlee initially plays it smart and turns him down, saying she wants to keep things fun and light and just how they are. And suddenly Aidan morphs into the worst kind of jackass. He's moody, he's pissy, he clears out the romantic picnic he packed for Greenlee and leaves her at the beach to stew. Of course, Ryan calling her in the middle of his proposal didn't help. He could tells she wanted to answer that call really bad. But Greenlee being Greenlee, when she gets nowhere with Ryan and realizes that he doesn't want her back, she decides that Aidan's proposal sounds like a good deal so she sets out to seduce him into asking again. He does. She accepts and decides that she wants a big hooha ceremony for Aidan's sake, since he's never gotten married before. Aidan would rather elope then go out for fish and chips and stout. Greenlee doesn't care, she knows what's best. After all, she knew what was best for Ryan when they married and we all know how that turned out!

Later with Tad, Aidan gets all twitchy again at the mere mention of Kendall's name. Aidan is probably the worst secret keeper other than Kendall herself. Tad notices, as does everyone else, and tells him to spill it already and tell him what the devil is going on. Aidan has to tell someone before he completely loses his mind so he unloads on Tad and describes the most unromantic tryst this side of Dimitri and Maria. He describes how if there had been a knife there, Kendall would have used it on him but instead they had sex. Whatever! Tad tells Aidan that if Zach ever finds out he will kill him. And of course, as they are discussing how Zach and Greenlee will never find out, Greenlee walks in and wants to know just what it is she's not going to find out.

And unbeknownst to Aidan, Zach knows about the grief boink so when he goes to see Zach about a job Zach had offered him as head of Cambias Security he finds that Zach is aloof, sullen and morose. But since this is his general personality anyway, Aidan doesn't really know that this mood is actually directed at him and acts easy and breezy, telling him he's changed his mind about the job and now that he's getting married he wants to be a better provider for Greenlee. Zach's anger at Aidan is very clear to everyone watching except Aidan, but Zach gives him the job anyway.

Well now, let's back up to the big Kendall/Aidan reveal. Zach knows. He's put all the pieces together based mainly on Kendall's jittery behavior and Annie's slip of telling Zach that Aidan was at her place, drunk and said to Kendall that they shouldn't still feel guilty. To me it seems like an odd conclusion to jump to. Kendall gets wonky whenever Aidan is mentioned + Aidan said they shouldn't feel guilty = Kendall and Aidan slept together. But then again, Zach does know Kendall better than anyone and I'm sure he knows his wife is capable of strapping a saddle on another man and riding him off into the sunset (wow that has to be my most bizarre euphemism for sex ever! lol). So he knows. He's just waiting for her to tell him. And she's ready to tell him. It's constantly on her mind whenever she sees Zach, or Greenlee, or Aidan. And pretty much those are the main people she sees daily. It beats in her head like that heartbeat in Poe's The Telltale Heart. The guilt is tremendous.

Kendall arrives home after visiting Erica in prison and telling her mother that she is going to tell Zach. Erica is very much against any kind of honesty so she tries desperately to talk Kendall out of such foolishness as telling the truth. But Kendall is determined and as she walks in the door and sees Zach across the room, the two flashback to everything that has lead up to this moment. It's a great recap to all that's happened and a great beginning to this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK. Zach is hoping his wife has finally decided to be honest with him and encourages her along. But Kendall doesn't really understand that he is doing that and instead makes small talk about Jenny's birthday party and whatnot. But as they circle each other Kendall starts to tell Zach just how she felt while he was gone. How he was gone for a whole month in the freezing cold and she tried so hard to stay hopeful, but there was no hope left. She tells him that she thought she lost everything and gave up. She was left with nothing but despair. Zach asks her point blank, "What did you do?" and she finally responds, saying the words she should have said months ago, "I slept with Aidan." Zach's response filled Kendall with confusion. His reply was, "I know."

Kendall can't imagine how Zach would know and forges ahead with her tale of woe. She tries to explain where she was at, emotionally, believing the love of her life was dead. She wanted to die herself and Aidan felt the same. They reached out to each other in that pain. Zach tells her he understands that, but he doesn't understand her not telling him the truth. He tells her that the betrayal was not sleeping with Aidan, it was not being completely honest with him and he wants to know when it was that she stopped trusting him. Oh ouch. That had to hurt. All this time Kendall's guilt is about the infidelity but Zach doesn't at all seem concerned about that. She keeps saying that she thought he was dead. Zach delivers a blow when he says, "But I wasn't dead, I was fighting to get back to you."

Kendall doesn't know what to do so she takes Zach to the cabin in the woods where she and Aidan did the deed. She wants him to see how totally unromantic the place is. Nevermind that she's also taking him back near the place where he was stuck in a hole for a month, this is all about Kendall. She can't worry that she might be dredging up some horrible memories for Zach. She has a conscious to clear dammit. But Zach being the guy he is lets her do what she has to do. Kendall is beyond consolation now. She knows Zach wants absolute trust and she did not give that to him. In her hysteria, Zach takes her by the hand, tells her everything will be alright and then takes her home. Zach tells her that he will not leave her. He tells her that nothing can destroy them. But when Zach is alone later, the pain he's feeling is very evident. Those few scenes, alone in his office were enough to get Zach this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK award. All the other stuff was great too, but it's those scenes where he lets his guard down, when no one is watching (but us of course) is when we see the true extent of Zach's feelings.

Random comments:

Samuel went to the prison to see Erica, on her request. Erica wants him to help Carmen. Samuel basically says, "help her yourself bitch!" OK, he didn't say that, he left by telling Erica he couldn't make any promises but he'd see what he could do.

Josh was on for about 5 seconds this week! Oh myJoshy... what a cutie. Can someone show him some love please!

JR wants Babe to believe he's telling the truth instead of always believing the worst of him. You know JR, your track record isn't exactly squeaky clean. And while I'm really not feeling NuBabe at all, I'm totally on her side in believing the worst of him, even though this time he is telling the truth.


Adam is angered that Colby turned down admission to Wellesley and that she would rather go to PVU. While he is arguing with Colby, Krystal shows up to pick up a few things that she had forgotten while she was staying there. Isn't this about the third time she's come back for forgotten items? Anyway, Adam suddenly gets woozy and collapses. Colby yells for Krystal, who tries to help Adam while Colby calls 911. In the ambulance, Adam tells Krystal he loves her. She already knows and tries to get him to be quiet. But Krystal is clearly shaken up by what is happening to Adam. She's not subtle about it either because her new BFF Angie notices how upset and scared she is. Krystal tries to blow off Angie's concerns by saying she cares about him, but that's all. Angie isn't so sure. Her diagnosis for Adam is panic attacks. Adam is not at all happy with that and doesn't want to see the psychologist that Angie's referred him to. He's so annoyed by this that he delivers this hysterical LINE OF THE WEEK: "I'm Adam Chandler. Have we met? I don't have panic attacks. I do not have -- I give other people panic attacks. And right now, I'm having a ticked-off-at-the-moment attack, because I've been all afternoon in this damned hospital, and I've been poked and prodded, and people telling me that I'm behaving like a woman with the vapors." But Krystal tries to encourage him to go because she knows what it's like to have panic attacks. Thank you for that AMC! You may recall that when Krystal was keeping the secret of Bess really being Miranda, she was having panic attacks then. I like when they throw in those references.



Which brings me to the recast of Colby. I am the first to admit that I absolute hated the idea of 8 year old Colby being aged to 15 a few years ago. I am also the first to admit that it took me a long time to warm up to Ambyr Childers in the role of 15 year old Colby. Her entry back into Pine Valley was probably some of the worst writing ever. Her sparring with Sydney and the incredibly stupid dialogue the two of them were given is well documented in this previous Editorial. As well as several before that. Back then I called her "the horror that is Colby." And now, I love her. It took one selfless act (helping Krystal give birth to Jenny) to change Colby from the whining little brat with an enormous sense of entitlement to a sweet caring girl who is really the glue that is holding together the Chandler/Martin clans. And now, because at 17 years old, Colby is too young to be paired with 25 year old Frankie she is being aged up again. I think this storyline would have been better approached as a young girls crush and unrequited love for an older man, kind of how the crush Lily had on Aidan was handled a few years ago. Why not hook Frankie up with one of the other age appropriate women on the show, like Amanda! Poor girl, like MyJoshy, she gets no love. What's the deal with that? What happened to Colby's flirtation with Dre? Why was that never developed further. I'm really ticked about this change. There is so much they can do and so many ways storyline can go without changing the actor to fit the storyline. They should change the storyline to fit the actor.



Angie is not happy that Robert has asked for Jesse's help in researching the movie that is being made about the Papel case. I'm perplexed that everyone is buying Robert's stories at face value. Tad has told Joe that he does not trust Robert. That being the case, why not investigate him? That is Tad's line of work after all! I just don't get it. Now they all happily believe that Robert worked for the FBI, retired after the case was supposedly closed and now Hollywood has come calling. The thing that really bugs me is that the same time Robert arrived claiming to be FBI, the real FBI was looking for Erica. So with two different sets of FBI in town at the same time, wouldn't they/shouldn't they cross paths? Wouldn't it have been easy to check out Robert's story with the real FBI?? Those kinds of loose ends are the kind that really irk me. Mainly because NO ONE questioned Robert's credentials at all. But fine... they believe it, and that's that. But Angie does not want Jesse involved in this any longer and goes to Robert to ask him if he could please leave Jesse out of any and all business regarding Papel. She wants Jesse to move on. Robert obliges and goes to see Jesse to tell him that his help is not necessary. Jesse tells Robert that he believes Raphael (the guy that Robert killed) was not really Papel, but just a flunky. Oh, Robert wasn't counting on Jesse being that smart!

Jesse decides that in order to really move on, he has to know why Papel was after him in the first place. Suddenly digging up his own coffin to see what is inside is the best way to figure out what they were after. Tad doesn't like the idea, but when Derek calls and tells Jesse that the police will be exhuming his coffin, Tad agrees to go with him and see what they can find out.

Final thoughts...

Frankie shares his Iraq experience with Jesse, who tells his son that time will heal his emotional wounds. I hope they explore that more.

Angie is TICKED when Frankie suggests that Jesse join the police force again. But at the hospital when a policeman is brought in who was shot in the line of duty, Frankie has a change of heart.

Why does Tad keep calling Jesse, sweetheart?


Well, the last Editorial got AMC a grade of A+ because of the wonderful Angie and Jesse reunion as well as the fun Go Red Fashion Show. This week, it's not that high, but the wonderful scenes with Kendall and Zach have brought the grade to a C+