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April 26, 1998

Brooke is arrested for murder. And why not really, she did kill Jim. (Yes, I've heard from people who actually think Brooke did not kill Jim. The reason being that in the preview for the next day, they showed a gloved hand shooting the gun and Brooke was not wearing gloves. I'm sorry to burst your bubble folks, but that is just a tactic for the preview. They wouldn't show the actual killer on a preview. Brooke did it, no way around that). And she's got premeditation going against her.

I am getting a lot of mail from people who already hate Keith. Personally I like the guy. He's a bit gung ho, but this is a murder case after all. I'm very happy that for once, there is someone involved in the case who has absolutely no bias. He doesn't know anyone involved in this and so it's actually a lot more fair. Not that Jim didn't deserve to be killed, he sure did. But deserving to be killed isn't exactly a motive for killing him. If it were, I would have killed numerous ex-boyfriends through the years and still be here to write about AMC.

The DA or the ADA shouldn't just take whatever is said to him at face value. Why should he believe Dimitri, Brooke, Edmund or anyone else. He's got to investigate. He's got to hear all the facts, all the stories and piece it together. How are they going to explain the radioactive materials found in Jim's body? Dimitri is involved in this up to his eyeballs. I like his involvement, and I am enjoying him and Brooke growing closer together. Brooke needs the support since Eddie is still laid up in the hospital. And speaking of Eddie for minute, why is it that someone was able to give Mateo a shave every day of his two month coma, but no one can bring a razor into Edmund's room? Back to Dimmie, he is really letting his emotions get the better of him this week. Punching out the ADA? Not too wise. He's been in the guys face since day one. Sure this is an emotion filled case, but like I said... why should Keith just believe everything they say? He shouldn't! And then what about Opal, she's Tad's mother, who is involved in all this too. Will Keith think that they sent Opal in to talk about her ridiculous "case" against Palmer as a diversionary tactic, so Brooke could get away?

This weeks big, huge, maybe even bigger than Laura's, I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD goes to Camille. This was one of the easiest picks for a slap I've had in a long time. She won't listen to anything but her own stupid facts. She defends a man she met once yet keeps saying how well she knew him. OK, same with Keith... why should she believe what these people she doesn't know are telling her. She shouldn't. But she won't even listen. She's a total whack job. She has a letter from her father, telling her that Adam killed Joy. That's it, there is no other explanation. And when Adam tries to tell her the truth, she attacks him! Damn I wish Adam had just whacked her with that fireplace poker! But Tad had to intervene. And all that heavy breathing, huffing and puffing that Camille does. Give me a break, or give her an inhaler, she's having an asthma attack. The girl makes me ill. I can't stand her! And from the mail I've been receiving about her, I have to wonder if anyone likes her. Someone, anyone... if you like Camille, write and tell me why! I have not received one positive comment about her.

And here's an awful prediction for you... we know that Joy's not going to be dead. Most likely, when her body is exhumed, there will be nothing but sand in the casket. So that means Joy will be on the show eventually. How about this... Schuyler Grant (Camille) will be playing the dual role of Camille and Joy, only they will age her a bit for the Joy role. They keep saying how Camille looks exactly like Joy. I doubt they can find another actress, about 25 years old who looks just like her. Oh the horror!!! The only thing saving this storyline at all is Tad, even though I think they are wasting the phenomenal talents of Michael E. Knight on this storyline. But this week, when Tad told Camille about his life, about his childhood. Wow, that was great. For those scenes Tad gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. He poured his heart out to Camille, and she's still a nutball who won't believe anything but what some stupid letter from another not dead, dead person says.

One random comment... Isabella still doesn't know her son is out of his coma!!!

Mike Roy, International Man of Mystery. Yeah Ba-bay!!! He's in town on a mission. A mission to win back his shagadelic old lady. She's Erica Kane, and she's switched on, she's with it, she's smashing! Oh sorry, I fell into my Austin Powers impersonation for a minute there. I just can't buy into this whole thing. I've tried. But every time I'm watching these two I think... gee Mike, you're dead. And it's not like he's not entertaining, because he is. But he's really overdone the whole spy persona a bit. He's become a cartoon character. Using these cliches like "Roy, Mike Roy." And giving Erica the biggest load of bull I have ever heard about why he must stay at her house. And the worst part is, Erica buys it! He talks about how much danger he is in. So why on earth does he want to stay with Erica, who would then be put smack dab in the middle of all that danger too? Think Erica, think! And poor Jack, he's going to get the shaft yet again. She's playing right into Mike's hands. She's lying to Jack all over the place. Jack is a bigger Erica doormat than even Dimitri was! Jack moves into Linden to protect Erica, and what does she do? She runs up and down the stairs, between Jack and Mike. It's really sickening. But one of these scenes did provide me with this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK. Jack had just gotten out of the shower when Erica comes back into the room. She sits on his lap and they are mooning over each other. I love you, no I love you more... yadda yadda yadda. Then Jack says to Erica, "you're one of the sexiest, ( I assume he meant to say, 'women I know' but he never finished that sentence ) and you have a very... uplifting effect on me." OK Jack, we know what your talking about!!! And then the little giggle between the two of them! That was pretty funny! But why, when Jack woke up the next morning from his nightmare, thrashing and yelling, was his hair still wet and slicked back from the night before?

Without further ado... ESTHER!!!! Esther was mentioned, not once, not twice, but three times this week!!! I couldn't believe it! Let's see, we have the time Mike tripped the alarm, and Erica covered with Jack saying it was Esther's cat. Then we have the time when Erica told Mike to stay in Esther's room because she was off visiting her sister for 2 weeks (not only the longest two weeks in soap history, but also, doesn't Esther have no family?). And Erica also told Mike that he could probably borrow Esther's mobile home. WOW! All that in one week, where the last eight weeks have been completely Esther free! Does this mean we will see Esther back inPine Valley sometime soon? Right now, I have not got a clue. I hope so! But the poor thing, she'd some back and find Marian and Stuart's developing romance. Maybe we can hook Esther up with Faux Axel since TPTB seem hellbent on this Marian/Stuart relationship. I know I don't want Faux Axel to leave town after the fake wedding doesn't take place. So how about it! Bring back Esther and let's have some fun with her and Faux!!!


Week Nine - Gone but not forgotten, we now know she still exists, but will we see her???