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April 19, 1999

Where to begin! Wow, this week was loaded with stuff to discuss! I think I'll start with the King and Queen of the front burner, Hayley and Mateo. After Raquel finally agrees to give Mateo a divorce, Hayley shows her skepticism once again by confronting her. I can't say as I blame Hayley for being skeptical really, Raquel has done nothing but try to manipulate since she arrived. But after an uncharacteristically pleasant talk, Hayley decided she believes Raquel. At the same time, Mateo and Mateo Junior are at the new club doing some work. Through all the dust and rubble, Mateo had on a nice sparkling white t-shirt and a sparkling white hat to go with his sparkling white teeth. It's amazing how he was able to saw and uh... do nothing else without getting the least bit of dust on him. Hayley arrives and the two decide to waste no time and call Trevor to draw up the divorce papers.

Well, their bliss is about to end, of course because this show cannot let Hayley and Mateo be happy for more than two seconds. God forbid they might get boring. WAKE UP CALL AMC... THEY ARE BORING! Anyway, while they are on the cell phone calling Uncle Porkchop, Max is exactly where Mateo told him not to be, by the scaffolding. Raquel comes in, sees him there and just then, Max knocks the broom into the scaffolding and it starts to fall down. Raquel runs over to Max and pushes him out of the way and then, stupidly tries to hold up the scaffolding instead of getting out of the way. The whole thing comes crashing down on her. Now, personally I thought this stunt was pretty good. I'm hearing a lot to the contrary though. I'd like to clear up this thing about Raquel running back to the scaffolding after she got Max out of the way. After watching this scene about 10 times I can tell you it did not happen like that. She did not run back to it. She pushed Max out of the way and was still standing in front of it. She did try to hold it up, but to no avail. But she did not come back to it, she was already there in front of it. She pushed Max out of the way, Hayley grabbed him and Raquel never moved away from the scaffolding. But if you want to get technical about the believability of this accident, then the scaffolding never really touched her. The only thing that fell on her were some paper and a maybe some boards.

Mateo, Hayley and Max looked on in horror as Raquel was trapped under the rubble. Mateo tried to clear some of the debris away so that he could get to Raquel, and Max's head started to spin around and kept screaming "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," over and over again. At this point I'm wishing someone would have taken that child over their knee! Then when Mateo tells little Damian to stay with Hayley, he goes nuts and says he doesn't want to be with Hayley. But I notice, as Mateo is seeing if Raquel is OK, in the background Damian is holding onto Hayley around the waist and she is rubbing his back, like she is soothing him. As soon as dear old Dad comes back to them, he lets go and says he won't stay with Hayley, so Mateo stays with his demon child and Hayley goes to the hospital in the ambulance with Raquel. Ahh if he weren't a kid, he'd be getting a big old slap this week!

At the hospital, Hayley is panicky and Gillian is there to comfort her. It's a sweet scene between these two and more and more I like their friendship. Hayley calls Mateo and he tells her that his mother is on the way to babysit Damian. Suddenly, Isabella and Damian are like dear old friends. Funny how things just happen without us knowing it. The last time that Isabella saw Damian was at Maddie's birthday party and she never even acknowledged him. Now she's comforting him and singing to him like they go way back. It's interesting though, that Mateo didn't take his demon spawn to his mother's house instead of her going there. They have no furniture and poor Isabella had to sit on the love rug! EWW.

Once Mateo arrives at the hospital, he goes into the ER room to see Raquel, as Hayley watches from outside with a look of jealousy. This is starting to annoy me. But what annoys me even more is that, after finding out that Raquel has displaced vertebrae, they put her in this traction contraption in the ER! Come on now, I never worked in a hospital (oh, OK... I was a candystriper when I was 16, but that was long ago!) but I highly doubt they would hook her up to that contraption in the ER. They would do it in her hospital room so as not to have to move her again. And once she's in that thing and hooked up to the ceiling, she takes on this new and unusual look. She looks like the Flying Nun!

Isabella arrives at the hospital with Damian after Dr. Jake I Make All My Own Rules Martin says that it's OK for Damian to see his mother. But suddenly Jake says that it's OK for Mateo, Isabella and Damian to go see Raquel, but not Hayley. Just family, he says. OK, so what part of Raquel's family is Isabella? or Mateo for that matter? So again, Hayley has to watch from outside the room like she's an outsider. And then I'm torn, who do I slap from this scene? Jake for making up the rules as he goes along? Or Hayley for that idiotic look of jealousy on her face as the Flying Nun hangs from the ceiling in pain? I'm going to go with Hayley as this weeks recipient of the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. Although Jake is a close second as he arranges for Damian to stay the night in Raquel's hospital room, and then Mateo is bringing up the rear as a contender for also staying there. Heck why don't they all just move into the hospital and then tell Hayley that she can't join in any of their reindeer games. Sheesh.

Ahh Rine and Gilly. My fave couple since Noah and Julia. This week they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. It was strange, and awkward but so sweet too. Gillian gave Rine a lovely photo of them together, sort of like this one, but not quite. It was a sweet gesture. Rine, who remembered their anniversary but did not rush out to buy Gilly a gift, gave her his medallion that he always wears. Gilly was moved by the gift and said she would take good care of it. The two reminisced, sort of, on their one year of marriage. And when Gillian was about to leave, Rine told her that he still loves her. Those were the words Gillian has longed to hear. But Rine isn't ready to get back together. He's got too much guilt about what Braden had done, and how he didn't stop him when he had the chance. Well no kidding Rine! I told you that weeks ago! Gilly has hope that things will work out, and all I can say is that they break my heart.

Gilly goes to Jake and wants his help, while Ryan goes to see Liza about his old job. Jake's bizarre solution to helping Gillian not run to Ryan whenever she feels the need is for her to call Jake. I would have suggested a hobby or something, but Jake would rather take Gillian's calls of distress 40 times a day. It's amazing that one of the only doctors in Pine Valley would have that much time to devote to Gillian. And at WRCW, Liza wants Ryan back on the job but Ryan isn't ready to go back. Somehow, Jack knows to find Ryan at the station and goes there to see him and tell him that they found Braden. Seems he's skipped town and headed to Singapore. They can't do anything about getting him back to the states, but Adrian has his men watching his every move. I sure hope Braden doesn't get in trouble over there, or else he might end up getting caned! Later Ryan goes to what will soon be the S.O.S Bar to see Hayley. The two talk over their troubles. And Gillian and Jake try to figure out something for Gillian to do with her time. Suddenly Gillian decides she wants to be a nurse, but well, she isn't interested in going to school for years. Jake talks her into volunteering at the hospital.

One of my other favorite couples had a great scene this week. It seemed apparent to me that Adrian was about to tell Belinda that he is falling in love with her, although he didn't quite get around to saying it. But he made it clear that she is the reason that he is staying in Pine Valley. This couple is HOT! Sizzling even! They need more airtime. I would like to see this relationship develop. It will be interesting to see how Adrian's other mom, Alice Dawson, will effect his life once she arrives in Pine Valley. She is due to arrive around May 4.

Suddenly, Dixie is cured. She received a clean bill of health from Dr. Hayward and all is right with the world. Now, it's time for Tad and Dixie to celebrate! Tad decides to whisk Dix off to a love spa for some romance, but they are also taking Junior and Jamie. How romantic can that be? Why on earth didn't they leave the kids with Brooke, we all know she has nothing better to do! So, Tad tells Dixie that WRCW owes him some time off. I had to actually rewind that and listen to him say it again! Time off?? When has he actually worked in the past few months that he would be owed time off? At any rate, off they go to the spa of love, with kids in tow. Junior and Jamie head out to go horseback riding and Tad and Dix seize their moment for some lovin. It's a scene full of deja vu. Dixie goes into the bathroom and steps into the same tub that Erica bathed in at Mona's house when she ran off from the hospital. Then the door won't open because, as before, Dixie used some incredibly hot water. So hot that the steam made the wooden door swell and they could not open it. So they sat on opposite sides of the door and longed for each other for over two hours until Junior and Jamie came back and opened the door to the bathroom and let Dixie out. So much for romance!

Onward to some more very interesting things that happened this week. Vanessa has moved in with Erica, much to David's dismay. He went to Erica's with a warning, that Vanessa is only interested in Erica because she wants something from her. Erica doesn't want to believe anything David has to say, but she does seem to believe somewhat. Vanessa, of course, listens in as David and Erica talk because what would Pine Valley be without eavesdroppers. Once David leaves, Erica confronts Vanessa. She tells Erica that David is bitter because he blames her for his father's suicide. This seems to pacify Erica for the time being. Vanessa then tells Erica that she will deliver her papers to Enchantment, and that she should rest. Reluctantly, Erica agrees. Once Vanessa is out of the house, she runs in to Jerry Reeves, the reporter that Erica was doing her TV special with to announce her return to modeling. Vanessa had arranged for the interview to be finished and called Jerry on the sly. She told him that Erica was expecting him, and to go right in, but told him not to mention her name. So in he goes, Erica is appalled and tries to throw him out. Things get ugly as Jerry tells her that if they don't finish the interview he will air what he has, which is Erica's breakdown. She tries, but it's not good enough so she kicks Jerry out on his butt!

In the meantime, Vanessa goes to Enchantment and tells Erica's assistant, Val, that she will be going through Erica's mail so that if there is anything upsetting in it, she won't see it. I'm pretty confused when Val agrees and leaves the room, but it turns out that he called Erica and told her what Vanessa was doing. When Erica arrives, she finds Vanessa rifling through her things. Vanessa tells her she is going through the fan mail and answering some of it. Erica is skeptical until she notices Vanessa hiding a piece of mail. Erica demands that Vanessa show it to her, and after much resistance, she finally does. It's a piece of hate mail with a slashed up photo of Erica in it. Erica is visibly shaken by the piece of mail, and Vanessa is visibly pleased. This woman is bad news, and so much fun!

Back at Erica's new house, which doesn't have a name yet, Opal and Janet are waiting for her. Erica is not pleased to see them, and tells them to go. Once Erica leaves the room, Vanessa asks how they got in and Opal tells her that she has a key. After Janet and Opal leave, Vanessa calls a locksmith to have all the locks changed. And then she takes Erica the tea that Janet made, knowing that it was the same tea that Mona used to make for her. The two then talk about Vanessa's days at MGM. Erica is falling into Vanessa's trap. Although the reason that Vanessa wants to destroy Erica still eludes me. Doesn't matter I guess though, she's just fabulous to watch!

Adam pulled out all the stops this week and rented out the whole Valley Inn dining room for a dinner for him and delectable dumpling, Liza. He wants to keep the romance in their life going, even while she's pregnant. And as the two dance, an unwelcome intruder crashes... David! They succeed in getting rid of him, but then it's time for Liza to head back to the studio. Off she goes, and off Adam goes to confront David upstairs in his room. Before I go any further I'm going to give it this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK. Adam confronts David with his involvement in his and Liza's life and says... "One day someone's going to knock that smirk off your face doctor." And oh my it just gets better from there! David starts to taunt Adam with something he knows, something about him. Adam is clearly getting hot under the collar and retaliates by striking a nerve in David by bringing up his father's death. Bad move Adam. David doesn't take too well Adam's taunt and tells him that he knows he is really Baby Colby's father.

Adam is shocked by what David is saying, but denies it all the same. And when David says something about Adam being "daddy" Adam hits back at David with another low blow and this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK, "Daddy? What did you say? It doesn't fit very well in your mouth, maybe because you didn't get to use it very long." Oh these father taunts do not sit well with Dr. Devious. He continues though, and tells Adam that he has proof that he is really Colby's father. He tells him how he knows he got help from Allie, how he knows he owned the fertility clinic at the time, how he did the DNA testing from Liza's amnio sample and got his blood when his glass broke at the Crystal Ball. Adam is totally shocked and definitely at a loss because he actually called David unethical! Hello pot, meet the kettle! Like switching sperm is ethical!

So Adam then, feeling he has no course of action left, attacks David... who just laughs at him. He tells Adam that if he ends up suddenly dead, he has orders in his safety deposit box and with his lawyer to investigate the paternity of Liza's baby further. He tells Adam that he has numerous copies of his proof in all kinds of places so destroying the one he's got with him will do no good. David covered his tracks but good! So, when Adam tells David that he knows he hates him, but he does care about Liza so why would he want to destroy her too, David shocks even me by saying that it was his plan all along! Now, I suspected that David didn't really care about Liza the way he claimed, but I also didn't think he had come back for revenge on her either! Silly me! David tricked everyone and plans to destroy both Liza and Adam, and he even gets to get back at Jake in the process too. Oh David, my but you are one cunning devil. I love him! He's awesome. And he is this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK.

Let's see... what's left. In a brief scene at Tempo, Brooke and Miss Kitty were talking about her future and Brooke asked if it included Edmund. Miss Kitty said no, and explained how there wasn't going to be a romance for her and Edmund, and he, of course, overheard her. When the two talked, Miss Kitty said the words we have all known from the beginning, "We both know that I'm not the woman for you." It's about time they admit it!

And lastly...while on a fishing trip, Stuart and Marian caught a boot that had the packet of money in it that David had given to Gillian to flee the country with Ryan. Odd thing about that is that Ryan tossed it into the fishing hole in the cabin, and it wasn't in a boot. But when Marian caught it, it was in a boot and she reeled it in at the Boathouse. But it was still in the fluorescent yellow packet that David had it in and that Ryan tossed in the hole. So, what are they going to do with that money??