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April 13, 1998

I hope everyone had a great holiday! This weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK goes to Tim. I really did enjoy any scene this week that he was in. He's turned into a fine young actor and he does a great job whether he's being nasty, or being good. His scenes at Natalie's grave always seem so heartfelt. He's come a long way since trying to break up Trevor and Janet, to now trying to get them together. I still will never buy Janet and Trevor as a couple, but I do enjoy all the actors involved in this story. What a treasure Faux Axel has turned into, I just hope he doesn't go the way of Esther and disappear, never to be heard from again. He's precious. I loved how it was shown that the tulip Janet planted at Natalie's grave has bloomed. It's little details like that, that I just love to see incorporated into the show. It shows that we fans aren't the only ones that are paying attention, that sometimes the writers actually are too! What I don't get is Trevor's dye job!

Seems like Allie is getting a case of the guilts. Before long she's going to be confessing to this non-sin of hers. I guess it was wrong, what she did. But it hardly seems like it would be that big of a deal. She faked her school. She didn't fake her grades, or her economic status. Just the school. So when Stanford called her fake school for her transcripts, how did she fix it so they would get them? Who knows, who cares. I nodded off each time Jake and Allie were on this past week. Paranoia is so boring. And Allie replaying the same scene again and again is tiring. How many times has Joe gone to her and said... "we found something out," or something like that and she says, "Oh I'm so relieved, it's been weighing one me." Then Joe says something nowhere near to what she thought he was going to say. Enough already!! Come clean and clear your conscience babe, I'm tried of this already! She will be coming clean very soon actually and will be suspended from the hospital while her case is being reviewed. But I suspect nothing will come of it and she will get reinstated. Why you ask? Because she's the WONDER DOCTOR!!!!

The scenes this week with Dimitri and Edmund in the aqueduct were really good. Although I am a little confused as to the time frame involved here. It seems to me that Ed has been holed up in there for days, and his couple of days worth of beard seems to agree with that. But Brooke, Laura and Jim never had a clothing change, indicating that it was only one day. In that one day, Jim went back and forth to the aqueduct no less than 3 times, had a meeting with Dimitri, did some work at Tempo, gave Brooke and Laura the creeps and then met up with Dimitri at the aqueduct. Brooke called Dim and got him involved, sent the Phoebster to her friend's house, heard Laura spill her guts and got her shipped off to China and plotted to kill Jim. Laura arrived from Boston, was intimidated by Jim, spilled her guts about everything, and left for China. That is one busy day for all involved.

I also don't understand, why, on the brink of death, Ed wouldn't once and for all forgive Dim. I guess he doesn't have to, but it would have been a nice gesture. Dim is there trying to save his life after all. So one minute Ed plans on going after Dim when they are out of that mess, then when he thinks they won't get out of it, he decides Dim should watch his kids if he dies. Give Edmund some water, the man is delirious! They did have some great moments though. Like when Dimitri was telling Edmund how they are not going to end up being "fith food." Dim, do you mean fish food? That was really funny and a cute way to give them a laugh in the face of danger.

This week Tad comes to the rescue! It's about time Tad do something worthwhile. Tad gets this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK, when he's trying to get Phoebs to tell him what is going on. Phoebs tells Tad that Brooke had called Dimitri for help and Tad says, "Dimitri?? What, was Satan unavailable?" Loved it! But I've had enough Camille to last me a lifetime and I would much rather see Tad involved in this storyline than have anything to do with that whacko. Which brings me to this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. This week it goes to Camille for prancing around in that little t-shirt and accusing Tad of wanting to sleep with her. Gag me. Maybe before you go calling your host a perv, you should put on some clothes! And can you believe that now we have her father coming onto the show??! Can AMC have one more ghost or return from the dead without changing the name to All My Spooks?? Sheesh.

The wedding of Scott and Gillian was rather interesting. First that monstrosity of a dress that she had Kelsey wear! I loved when Liza (Queen of the Quips as I like to call her) told Kelsey she looked like strawberry delight! That dress was worse than any of the bridesmaid dresses I've been made to wear and I've been in 10 weddings and believe me, I have some doozies! Good think Kelsey had those scissors handy. Good thing to remember next time I'm in a wedding... pack scissors. (And then Liza again, having that great move of smacking Scott in the back of the head! Hey I almost didn't have to give out the Smack Award this week because of that! ) But Ryan, my my he looks fine in a tux. And Gillian did make a rather lovely bride. Scott seemed less than broken up about the break up too. And how about Eugenia being thrilled with the whole outcome. She's a pip that Euggie. She sure likes Ryan, but then again, I can't say as I blame her. And for all the hard work of watching this farce of a wedding, we got rewarded with seeing Ryan take off his shirt!! YAH!!!! It's so worth it. So the honeymoon commenses at the Hunting Lodge. Boy does that place get the action or what!? It was Dimitri and Erica's love hideaway, Dim and Maria had their night of indiscretion there, Noah and Julia called it home for awhile, Gillian tried to seduce Scott there, then Ryan and Gilly have their honeymoon there. That place is busier than the Pine Cone Motel!!

Why is my main man Palmer giving Opal such a hard time? I know he was really upset with her when she tried to push Kevin and Kelsey together, and was even madder that she knew Kevin's mother was sending him to that quack of a doctor. I guess we really haven't seen much of Palmer since then, so all this anger must still be harboring in him. But come on now PC, it's time to kiss and make up. Or at least make this a fighting back to romance storyline. I would hate to see Palmer and Opal divorced. Maybe they need a visit from Daisy to help them find their way back to each other. She's done it before, and hey guess what! She's still alive so it wouldn't be like another visit from another ghoul!!