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Anita Santos Warner


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Anita Santos

Mother: Isabella Santos
Father: Hector Santos (deceased)
Dr. Maria Santos Grey- Sister
Julia Santos Keefer- Sister
Mateo Santos- Brother
Rosa Santos- Sister
Married to: Robert "Bobby" Warner

Occupation: Physician Assistant, Pine Valley Hospital

Anita Santos is one of the middle children in the Santos family who wanted nothing more than to please her parents and siblings. She moved to Pine Valley from Texas with the rest of the clan to be close to sisters, Maria and Julia. Anita enrolled in Pine Valley High School and was usurped into the whirlwind of social activity.

Anita first met Scott Chandler and the two became fast friends. Scott introduced her to other students from older, established, families in Pine Valley including rough-rider Bobby Warner. The two had a romantic spark, but she knew her father would never approve of him. She stayed close to safe-boy Scott, although her eyes had focused on Bobby. That was, of course, until Bobby was revealed to be Kelsey Jefferson's baby's father. Kelsey and Bobby married in hopes of raising a family together, and Anita stayed close to her new found friends.

Kelsey needed someone to adopt her baby after she realized she was not ready to be a mother, and Anita had the solution. She introduced Kelsey to Maria and her husband, Edmund Grey, who wanted a child desperately. Little did Anita know of Kelsey's knack for deception. She tried to seduce Edmund, and kept Bobby close after learning of his trust fund. Anita began to see Bobby in a veil of secrecy. Anita was able to see something in Bobby no one else saw. When Kelsey discovered Bobby and Anita together at Julia's wedding, Kelsey demanded Sam back. She did all she could to hold onto Bobby. Devastated, Anita ran away from home, too scared to face her family. There was only one person she knew she could run to: Scott.

Scott tried to push Anita back into her family and help her realize all that she would loose be cutting them off. But she was not ready to go home. Bobby divorced Kelsey, and made his way back to Anita. It would be Bobby who would finally reunite her with the other Santoses. On New Years Eve in 1996, they announced their engagement at the opening of Holidays. The two made their way out of Pine Valley to go to school in Chicago, where they were to be married.

In 2004, Anita returned to Pine Valley without Bobby. Maria believed she was only in Pine Valley for a visit, but Anita was settling in, getting a job at Pine Valley Hospital and making friends with Aidan Devane. She admitted that she and Bobby were having problems; however, in fact it looked like she had moved on completely from her life with Bobby. Bobby had committed adultery, and Anita wanted to be as for from him as possible.

Anita engrossed herself more and more into her work. She was held responsible for the disappearance of Bess Chandler from the neo-natal unit. With her job on the line, Anita broke down seeing as everything in her life was falling apart. It didn’t help that Bobby had come back from Las Vegas again after weeks alone with Erica Kane. He ensured her that nothing happened, but Anita had problems believing her promiscuous spouse.

After being reinstated at PVH, Anita decided to put her faith in Bobby and embrace her marriage and her new life. The couple made plans to buy their dream home, but Bobby's business deal went up in smoke. Afraid to tell Anita he failed her again, he accepted a blackmail offer from Kendall... she'd give him the money he needed if he would bed Greenlee and get her out of Ryan's life. Bobby couldn't go through with it and ended up telling Greenlee the whole story and tried to tell Anita, but she wouldn't listen.

Months later, Anita's disinterest in Bobby's association with Kendall came back to bite her in the behind when a psychotic Greenlee tells Anita that Kendall paid her husband to have sex with her. A furious Anita calls it quits with Bobby. Armed with a new divorce and a new outlook, Anita has begun dating the dashing Aidan Devane.

Bobby wanted Anita to have faith in him again, but he did not make that easy. Bobby needed money, making him ripe for one of Kendall Hart's schemes. While Anita was planning on playing house with her suddenly reinvigorated spouse, he was trying to get it on with Greenlee duPres. When Anita found out, she resubmitted her petition for divorce.

Anita turned to Aidan for friendship after her divorce, but got more than she expected. She was falling in love with her sister's ex-lover. Lily Montgomery was also growing attached to Aidan. Anita thought it was harmless for Aidan to encourage her juvenile crush. But, when Lily caught Anita and Aidan in a romantic position, it pushed the fragile teen too far. Anita worked to patch up Lily and Aidan's relationship.

All the while, life at Wildwind was falling apart. Bobby jumped town with key evidence to who shot Ryan Lavery and who was poisoning Greenlee. Edmund fell victim of murder in the stables. Maria's world was coming apart as her children turned on her. Anita channeled her energy to keeping the Santoses together.

When Maria decided she needed to leave Pine Valley, Anita helped pack up Wildwind. She decided to go to California with Maria for the summer to set up her home. At the airport, she assured Aidan that things would be better when she came back.

Anita returned to Pine Valley in a rush when she learned Julia was out of Witness Protection. The sisters bonded. In her time away, Anita re-evaluated her life and how so much had changed in the last year. She was not ready for a relationship and broke things off with Aidan.

Portrayed by:

Jordana Brewster (1995)
Priscilla Garita (1995)
Darlene Tejeiro Dahl (1995- 1997) 
Natalia Cigliuti (2004-present) 


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