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Amanda Dillon


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Amanda Dillon (1992)

Mother: Janet Green
Father: Trevor Dillon Step Mother: Natalie Dillon (deceased)
Siblings: Timothy Hunter Dillon (adopted by Trevor) Other Relatives: Hayley Vaughn Santos - Cousin Arlene Vaughn - Aunt

Occupation: Student, Pine Valley University

Trevor Dillon wanted nothing to do with Janet Green after she manipulated him into thinking she was his beloved Natalie Marlowe. While masquerading as Natalie, Janet seduced Trevor and ended up pregnant with his child. Janet was in Pine Valley Hospital to undergo some pre-natal tests when she overhead Trevor and Natalie arguing about Trevor’s niece, Hayley Vaughan Cortlandt. Trevor was talking about how worried he had been since Will Cortlandt entered her life. Janet needed to stop Trevor from fixating on Hayley, so she concocted a sick plot to get rid of the competition to his affection. She escaped from the hospital wearing Trevor’s trench coat, and arrived at Hayley’s doorstep with a crowbar. When Will answered her knocks, she bludgeoned him to death. The next person she needed to eliminate was Natalie. As she stood above Natalie with the crowbar, Janet went into labor. Natalie delivered her and Trevor’s healthy baby-girl, Amanda Dillon.

Trevor promised that Janet would never see Amanda again. He and Natalie were married, and they raised Amanda and Natalie’s son Timmy Hunter as their own children. But tragedy struck Amanda’s life again, as Natalie died in a car accident pursuing Laurel Banning. Trevor was now struggling to balance his life as a private detective and a single parent.

Janet saw this vulnerable time in Trevor’s life to strike again. She underwent a round of extreme, experimental plastic surgery in prison. For her compliance, she was released and took on the alias Jane Cox. As Jane, Janet was able to weed her way back into Trevor and Amanda’s life. Her ploy to marry Trevor would have gone off without a hitch had Timmy’s presumed missing dog Harold not showed up at the wedding. His intervention gave Jackson Montgomery enough time to get to the chapel and reveal the truth about Jane to Trevor. Trevor became more adamant to raise his child independent of Janet.

Amanda’s next mother figure came from an unsuspecting person: Laurel. Trevor and Laurel had fallen in love and got married. Again this was not to be as Laurel fell victim to a gunman aiming for her brother, Michael Delaney. Trevor and Janet were somehow able to come to a form of reconciliation. But, it was important for Amanda’s sake that she never learned what her mother’s past really was.

Tim was never going to be as forgiving as Trevor, and told Amanda the truth about Janet “From Another Planet” Green. Amanda ran away from home to the well at Wildwind that Janet had pushed Natalie in years ago. She slipped, and fell in. Janet led the search party for Amanda, but she too slipped and fell into the well. Trapped in the cramp quarters, Amanda was able to confront Janet over her past sins. She also realized how much she loved her mother, and that many of her crimes stemmed from Janet’s love of her. When they were rescued, they were closer than ever. This was just in time for Janet and Trevor to marry.

The new Dillon family faced another challenge when Harold became ill. The dog was dying. Amanda and Tim again faced the death of one of their family members head on.

One day, Amanda was playing with Jamie Martin when they decided to watch a video. When they turned it on, they saw Jamie’s step-mother Dixie Martin in a hospital bed. JR Chandler, Dixie’s son, walked in only to realize it was Dixie’s will. Dixie thought she was dying. Amanda and Jamie tried to calm JR down, but he ran off in search of Tad Martin.

The Dillon’s tumultuous lifestyle continued when Janet’s ex-prison roommate Sophie came to siphon off of Janet’s new life on the straight and narrow. Janet shot Sophie in an act of defense, and Trevor took the fall. He became a fugitive, until Janet would be able to prove his innocence. Tim had left to go to school abroad, so Amanda had no one to turn to. She blamed Janet for Trevor’s abrupt departure. Arlene Vaughan, Trevor’s sister, came to town, and Amanda befriended the manipulative alcoholic much to Janet’s disdain. Arlene’s bad traits were rubbing off on Amanda. Trevor returned when Jackson was able to produce evidence exonerating him for the crime. He knew his family needed a new start away from Pine Valley; so, the Dillon’s packed up and moved to Colorado.

Amanda made her way back to Pine Valley to attend summer school at Pine Valley University. She had fallen asleep in JR’s bed after driving all the way from Colorado. JR thought she was a prostitute hired to incriminate him, until Tad reminded her who she was. Amanda plotted to incriminate new nanny Di Kirby by stealing money from the Chandler safe. JR confronted her, and she came up with a story of how she didn’t have any money because Janet was back to her old ways and Trevor wasn’t working worrying about her. JR saw through her sob story, and instead decided to use Amanda in his plot for revenge against Jamie and his ex-wife Babe Carey. Once Amanda saw how Jamie had grown up, she was happy to oblige.

But all of JR and Amanda’s plotting lead Amanda to have true feelings for Jamie. Her job was simplified when Phoebe Wallingford died and left her estate to Jamie on the criteria that he broke up with Babe. Babe broke off her relationship with Jamie, but warned Amanda to keep her scheming hands off of him.

Amanda pursued Aidan Devane while his girlfriend, Anita Santos, was out of town. A young blonde girl continuously stood in her way when it came to flirting with Aidan. One day, she went off on the girl, only to find it she was Lily Montgomery, Laurel’s daughter. Lily told Amanda she had changed. It was her greatest fear, was she turning into her mother?

But nothing was standing between Amanda and Jamie. She was prepared to go as far as to drug Jamie into marrying her. When Jamie found out, he was determined to send Amanda packing. Amanda had a break down and admitted she could never go home. Janet was back to her old self, and Amanda was the target of her insanity. Jamie promised to protect Amanda, but told her she needed to get Janet help.

When Amanda was struck down by Babe and JR’s car, Janet came back to Pine Valley to help her daughter. Amanda began having mysterious blackouts in which her greatest enemies where are all getting in trouble. At one of the incidents, she found Janet’s earring. Amanda deduced her mother was behind all of the attacks. When she confronted Janet, Amanda realized she was off her medication. Amanda tried to call her father, but he was nowhere to be found.

Amanda was put in prison for drugging Erica after Josh Madden searched her for drugs. She was holding onto Janet’s medication. Not wanting to incriminate her mother, she did not want to admit that Janet was still in town. When she got out, she wanted Janet to leave, but she was concocting her biggest plot at that year’s Mardi Gras ball. With Erica’s betrayal, she had no qualms of hurting everyone in Pine Valley. Before Amanda could protest, she was given a sedative. When it wore off, she returned to the ballroom to warn everyone the place was going to explode. But, she was too late, and the building fell in on everyone inside.

Portrayed by:

Brett and Kevin Salvaggio (1992-93)
Julia and Leigh Pikus (1993-94)
Phoebe Cutter (1994-96)
Alexis Manta (1996-2000)
Chrishell Stause (2005-present) 

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