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Adam Chandler


Written by DandTMartin4ever

Born: Adam Chandler

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown

 Stuart Chandler- brother
 Charlotte "Lottie" Chandler- sister (deceased)

 Althea Patterson (divorced)
 Erica Kane (1984, 1991 divorced 2x)
 Brooke English (1987, divorced)
 Dixie Cooney (1989,divorced, deceased)
 Natalie Marlowe Hunter (1990, divorced, deceased)
 Gloria Marsh (1993, divorced)
 Liza Colby (1996,1999 divorced 2x)
 Arlene Dillon Vaughan (2000, divorced)

 Antoinette "Skye" Patterson Chandler- adopted daughter (w/ Althea)
 Hayley Vaughan Chandler Santos- daughter (w/ Arlene)
 Adam "JR" Chandler, Jr.- son (w/ Dixie)
 Anna Claire Chandler- daughter (w/ Gloria, deceased)
 Colby Marian Chandler- daughter (w/ Liza)

 Lorenzo "Enzo" Hector Santos- Great-grandson (Hayley's w/ Mateo Santos)
 Baby Chandler/ Asa Buchanan II- Great-grandson (Jr's w/ Babe Carey)
 Elizabeth "Bess" Chandler- Great-granddaughter (presumed Jr's w/ Babe Carey)

Occupation: Former CEO Chandler Enterprises

Business mogul Adam Chandler premiered in Pine Valley as the thorn in Palmer Cortlandt's side. He knew Palmer as someone else: Pete Cooney, another native of Pigeon Hallow, West Virginia. Pete had an affair with his sister, Lottie, and left a son, Ross Chandler. Grief stricken with Pete's departure, Lottie committed suicide. Adam raised Ross telling him his father abandoned him. Adam introduced Palmer to Ross, but he did not make the connection of whom the boy was. When the revelation was made, Palmer and Adam were united forever, whether they liked it or not.

Adam married up and coming model Erica Kane, promising to cast her in his production of her biography, "Raising Kane." He realized that the only thing Erica hated more than Adam, was being married to Adam. At the same time, Erica was hearing weird noises from the west wing of the Chandler Mansion. These noises were revealed to be Adam's mentally handicapped brother, Stuart Chandler, who Adam was hiding from the public. Stuart became Adam's only conscience, although it did not stop him much. His marriage to Erica fell apart, as he tried to test her loyalty. He faked his death, only to find out Erica had turned to her biographer, Mike Roy, again.

Another revelation from his past made its way to Pine Valley. Daughter, Skye arrived to confront the father that was never there. At first, she felt much animosity towards Adam, but soon, the two came to a mutual truce. He even gave Skye away at her wedding to Tom Cudahy.

Skye and Adam took the same side when it came to Stuart’s welfare. He had befriended Cindy Parker, and HIV patient. Stuart took her and her son, Scott Parker in. Adam was fearful that Cindy was taking advantage of the fragile Stuart. Skye plotted to kill Cindy in a house fire, but in the last minute changes her mind. Skye’s desperation to stay with Tom was evident, and Adam helped sign her admission papers to Oak Haven Sanitarium. It was he who would pick her up months later after her recovery. Adam stayed by his brother as Cindy died of complications related to AIDS.

Brooke English became Mrs. Chandler number three. Adam truly loved her, but there had always been one thing missing in his life, a son. Brooke was unable to have children. Although he loved Brooke's daughter, Laura Cudahy, he wanted a male heir to carry the Chandler name. He saw potential in Palmer's niece, Dixie Cooney, who was working as Laura's nanny. They had an affair and she became pregnant. Adam planned to adopt the baby with Brooke, all the while keeping the paternity secret. Adam Chandler, jr was born into the world with new "adoptive" parents Adam and Brooke Chandler. Dixie could not let go of the baby or Adam. Adam planned to institutionalize Dixie at Laurel Hill, but Tad intervened as a favor to Brooke. Tad revealed the truth to Brooke. Brooke left Adam. Adam married Dixie in a rush decision so as to lay claim to Junior. Tad helped Dixie out of Adam's grip and Laurel Hill. Adam was left with nothing as Dixie gaining custody of Junior.

Brooke was ready to forgive Adam. They planned to buy a communications company in England. Little did Brooke know, Adam was planning on kidnapping Junior and taking him to England. Adam learned Palmer had in fact bought him out, leaving Adam as good as broke. The same evening at the Chandler Mansion, Brooke begged Adam to give Junior back to Dixie. Under all the stress, Adam had a heart attack. Brooke nursed him back to health. Adam proposed to Brooke, and at first she accepted. However, she soon realized she could not be with Adam if he was always going to plot to get Junior back. Adam refocused on his business, and rebuilt the empire Palmer was so close in destroying.

Adam married rich widow Natalie Marlowe Hunter to spike his accounts. This was nothing but a marriage of convenience. Natalie needed Adam's help in taking down Erica, and Adam wanted to make Trevor Dillon jealous. The marriage soon ended and both parted ways.

Adam made another move to get Junior back. Dixie was in shambles after the supposed death of Tad. Adam sued for custody and won. Dixie was not allowed to see her son. Junior refused to eat or speak. At a school play, he was to sing "O Little Town of Bethlehem," a song he had practiced with Dixie. Junior refused to do so until Dixie showed up and started it off. Adam realized that he could not rip Junior away from his mother.

Adam revealed to Erica that they did not get divorced all those years ago. In fact, Stuart was sent to litigation and signed the papers. Erica and Adam where still married. They rekindled a romance for a time, but still had a mutual hate. They realized they were better in the boardroom than in the bedroom. Adam ended the union by taking part of Enchantment Cosmetics from Erica.

A black haired storm hit Pine Valley in the form of Hayley Vaughan. She was Trevor Dillon's niece, but for some reason had a vendetta against Adam. Adam soon realized the truth: Hayley was his daughter. Years ago, Adam had an affair with Arlene Vaughan, Trevor's sister. The result was little Hayley. She was a firecracker who defied Adam as much as she possibly could. It would take abusive husband Will Cortlandt to tip Adam over the edge. Will was found murdered, and Adam was one of the many suspects. Adam and Hayley grew closer at this point. Adam even gave Hayley control of Enchantment.

Stuart met nurse Gloria Marsh at the Pine Valley Hospital. She was captivated by Stuart's artwork. Adam would eventually meet her and was captivated by her beauty. The two wed, although Stuart had feelings for her.

Natalie and Adam found out Laurel Banning was embezzling money from the Mason Foundation. They got in a car together to reveal the truth about Laurel, but both got in a terrible accident. Natalie's injuries proved to be fatal. Adam, confined to a wheel chair, felt guilty over her death, and turned to his family for support. He also hired Alec McIntyre as his new right hand man, but he was getting too close for comfort. Adam felt inadequate as his paralysis prevented him from making love with his new wife. Little did he know, Alec was filling that void for him. As soon as was able to walk, he spent a night of passion with Gloria.

As always, Adam grew bored of Gloria. She was pregnant with yet another one of his daughters. The baby Anna Claire was born, but died days afterwards Gloria had a break from reality. Adam used this to try to avoid paying alimony to her. He also learned that Gloria had an affair with Alec. Adam cut both people out of his life for good.

All the while, Dixie left Pine Valley with JR after a falling out with Tad. Tad had an affair with Liza Colby. Liza met Adam and the two came up with a plan to win the ones they loved. Adam wanted Brooke, and Liza wanted Tad. They announced that they where engaged, and invited Pine Valley to attend the nuptials. They hope the two would break them up before they made the worst decision of their lives. They never came. Adam said his vows first and believed that Liza was not going to go through with the nuptials now that Tad was not there. She did, and the two were married.

Adam and Hayley's relationship was challenged after her sister in law, Maria Grey, died in a plane crash on one of his Transglobal planes. He felt guilty because weeks before, he ordered the company to cut costs. Liza and Adam had consummated their relationship and she pregnant. While returning to Pine Valley in a Transglobal flight, the plane had a terrible landing, and Liza was so stressed that she miscarried. Adam and Liza had fallen in love, and bonded over their unborn child. Adam was so high strung with all that was happening with his life, that he had a series of mini-strokes. Liza stood by his bedside as he recovered. Adam decided to divorce Liza because he thought it was his fault that she lost the baby. Liza found out that she had contracted Fifth Disease, causing the miscarriage. But her pride prohibited her from telling Adam the truth.

Years earlier in Pigeon Hollow, Adam helped an abused Joy Hawkins to escape her husband Lee by faking her death. Joy's daughter, Camille Hawkins, came to Pine Valley with a plot of revenge against the Chandlers. Adam got worried, and decided it was better to have his family near to him so that he could protect them. Skye had moved back to Pine Valley, Hayley was married to Mateo Santos and had a successful bar, "Holidays," and Stuart and his son Scott where living in the mansion. All he needed was to get Junior, now known as JR, back. Dixie got Adam's request for temporary custody. She refused to let JR go to Pine Valley without her. Dixie returned and was very hesitant around Adam. Camille took many efforts to kill the Chandlers. The most extreme was to blow up Holidays with almost all the citizens of Pine Valley inside. Camille had a change of heart and tried to fix the boiler she had rigged. It exploded; luckily her early omission saved many lives. But, Camille died in the blast. Adam thought all was right, but in fact it was Lee who was behind the plots. Lee kidnapped JR and Hayley and threatened to kill them. A rescue by Tad, Edmund, and Mateo saved them. Adam realized how quickly he could have lost JR and asked Dixie to let him stay. She agreed and moved back to Pine Valley as well.

Stuart fell in love with Marian Colby, Liza's mother. Adam did not trust her, but saw how much they loved each other. They where married with his blessing.

At the same time, Liza was looking for a sperm donation to full fill her longing for a child. She found one in Dr. Jake Martin. She was pregnant, but Jake was not the father, Adam was. He switched the donations. Dr. David Hayward used it to blackmail Adam. Adam and Liza where slated to get married when Colby Marian was born. Adam was tired of how Jake Martin had intervened in his life. Jake sued for custody of Colby. It was the last draw; Adam revealed that he was the true father. Liza pushed Adam away and planned to take Chandler Enterprises from him with Tad Martin. The takeover seemed to be a success, except for the fact that many employees remained loyal to Adam. Adam thought he had lost Stuart after he "disowned" him and his cabin exploded in flames. Adam began to mourn his brother.

Adam began his tirades against the Martins who he thought had plagued his family. He tried to get JR to move in with him, only resulting in him pushing Adam further away. When JR found out Dixie may be dying, he ran to Tad, not Adam.

Adam also had to tell Skye he was not her real father and that she was adopted. Skye told Adam she did not want to go home to Pine Valley, rather, she moved to Port Charles, New York. So, he turned his attention to Hayley who was on the outs with Mateo. But, ex-flame Arlene came back to town. Arlene and Adam wed again. There union was torn apart by the revelation that she had hit Stuart while driving drunk in her car. Arlene and Adam divorced, and Ryan Lavery, with the help of, reunited him with Liza.

Adam was forced to defend David Hayward in the libidizone case after JR had stolen drugs from his apartment. He also slept with the judge to avoid JR's sentence. JR moved in with Adam after Dixie moved to Switzerland. Liza did not want a drug addict in a house with Colby. Adam also brought Mia Saunders to the mansion, as she owed him a great deal of debt. Mia turned out to be Liza's long lost sister. Adam found out Liza wanted to divorce him and that she had an affair with Ryan. He made it seem like Liza's brain tumor was coming back making her a bad mother so that he could get full custody of Colby. Mia was groomed to take Liza's place. The sisters teamed up against Adam and his plots. Adam and Liza parted ways again.

Adam was faced with the task of revealing to JR that his mother was dead after a car crash in the alps. He barley got a word out before JR began to cry. The father and son came to a new understanding over the loss of Dixie.

Brooke ended her union to Edmund after the revelation Maria was alive. Adam and Brooke where both vulnerable and had a one night stand.

JR began to got out with Laurie Lewis, the daughter of one of his former employees. He did all he could to break up these star-crossed lovers. JR was tired of all his intervention, and moved away from Pine Valley.

Adam bailed Michael Cambias out of prison and hired him because of his smart business skills. He was away at his fishing trip with Stuart when it was revealed he had raped Bianca Montgomery, Erica's daughter. He and Palmer plotted to kill Michael together. They were going to shoot him in Palmer's plane and dump the body. The ploy went very wrong because of all their fighting, resulting in Adam being shot. Tad investigated Adam closely as he did not want to see Kendall Hart go to prison.

JR returned at this time with new wife Babe Carey. Adam found out she had slept with Jamie Martin, and that she was pregnant. Babe tired of Adam intervening, reported to the police that Adam killed Michael. It was certain Adam has more up his sleeves for his new daughter in law, and her meddling mother, Krystal Carey. Mary Smythe had also moved into the Mansion. She and Adam forged an awkward relationship based on his money and her smarts.

But, Adam didn't need to do much to cut Babe out of the Chandler family portrait. She was doing a good enough job on her own. On the night Babe gave birth to his granddaughter, Bess Chandler, Pine Valley was hit with a great storm. Adam's vulnerabilities were revealed when he could do nothing to bring his granddaughter home. Babe and Bess survived, and the experience brought JR and Adam closer. Soon, Adam learned Babe was a bigamist. JR and Adam teamed up to incriminate Babe so that the Chandlers would gain full custody of Bess, going so far as to falsify a tape showing Babe paying someone to kill JR. Adam thought they had won when Babe skipped town with Jamie Martin.

But, the battle was only beginning. Babe left JR a note telling him Bess was actually Bianca's daughter Miranda Montgomery. Erica stormed into Chandler Mansion and assured Adam that no Kane woman would be raised under his watch. Adam needed to know the truth, and complied with Erica's demand for a DNA test. When the test proved Babe's allegations to be true, JR pushed Adam away again.
Father and son would only be reunited when JR learned that his child, Adam Chandler III, was alive and in Babe's custody. Adam also learned that Liza, who had ran away from Pine Valley with Colby, was with Babe. They were able to track Babe and the Chandler heir down, but Liza and Colby still alluded them. The Chandlers were now in the fight of their lives to gain custody of Adam III. He was being raised by the rich Buchanan family in Llanview as Ace Buchanan, and JR's schemes painted Babe as a victim herself. In the end, the Buchanan's waved their claim to the child, and the Chandlers won out over Babe.

Adam pursued a relationship with Brooke again. She wanted nothing to do with him at first. But, with the death of Edmund Grey and her aunt Phoebe Wallingford, Brooke found comfort in Adam's arms.

A mysterious woman named Di Cole showed up at the Chandler steps wanting to be a nanny to Adam III. Adam was suspicious of the blonde beauty, but she had already worked her way into JR's heart. Tad also knew something was wrong and investigated the woman. Tad took Di's fingerprint and ran the sample, only to find out it matched Dixie's. Adam did not want Tad to reveal this information to JR. But, it was too late, Di admitted she was in fact Dixie.

Babe came to Adam with a bit of information regarding Di. She was in fact Krystal’s cellmate. For Krystal’s cooperation, Adam used his connections to expedite her sentence. When DNA results corroborated Di’s claims, Adam knew he needed to take bigger steps. He and Krystal went to Crow’s Hollar to learn the truth of Di’s origins. But, after a night of drinking and dancing, Adam dug a bigger grave for himself. He awoke to the site of his new wife, Mrs. Krystal Chandler. He pushed for an annulment, but she wasn’t going anywhere without half of Chandler Enterprises and more visitation rights for Babe.

The Chandler family became the target of multiple attacks from a mysterious source. First, Little Adam was kidnapped before Christmas. At Christmas dinner, the family fell ill to poisoned soup. Then, Adam and Krystal along with Joe, Brooke and Opal were kidnapped and put into a truck submerged in quicksand. On the brink of death, Adam admitted that he and Krystal’s marriage could have worked out. Tad, JR and Jamie saved them in the last minute, and Adam reneged his words.

Portrayed by:
David Canary (1984-present)

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